Siemens – CVE-2019-6569 (Do not contempt this vulnerability)

Preface: Industrial Ethernet has been the network of choice in factory auto-mation for many years and offers a powerful communication basis with PROFINET-based solutions.

Vulnerability details: A vulnerability has been identified in Scalance X-200 (All versions), Scalance X-300 (All versions), Scalance XP/XC/XF-200 (All versions <V4.1). The monitor barrier of the affected products insufficiently blocks data from being forwarded over the mirror port into the mirrored network.

Impact: An attacker might use this behaviour to transmit malicious packets to systems in the mirrored network. The worst scanario is that it go direct to facilities like SIMATIC S7-400 advanced controller thus conducting cyber attack directly see whether can find zero-day of attack.

Siemens official announcement – refer to url: