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How to know your infrastructure under APT attack? NSA provide hints to cyber world (7th oct 2019)

Preface: Before the earthquake, many special phenomena will awaken people. Does a similar situation apply to cybersecurity attacks, especially APT?

Security focus: NSA has announcement a day ago. They urge the company must be extra care of vulnerabilities in Multiple VPN Applications. Are you interested of this article? Following URL can provide the details.

Additional information: UTM is a common firewall design by far. Different kind of services are all in one box. Since the device is a UTM device (all integrated). Therefore, security experts can rely on log events generated by the firewall (Any-Any-Drop Action) to do a prediction.
The modern built in firewall defense and application firewall mechanism can identify the know CVE and shown on the log event. So you can relies on SIEM correlate function send the alert.
If your UTM log event contains a reject operation with following CVE reference number (CVE-2019-11510, CVE-2019-11539, and CVE-2018-13379). It tell you that your company is under APT attack.

What is the next action when above scenario occurs? You should activate the escalation procedure immediately.

New generation of weapon iot+lora+Drone (2019)

Preface: Traditionally, only big country can have military weapon. Computer technology especially IoT devices not only replace human power. As we seen, IoT 4.0 is going to replace routine man power resources. Perhaps IoT technology also infiltrate in military arsenal .

Details: On Sep, 2019. Drone attacks have set alight two major oil facilities run by the state-owned company Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Refer to diagram, Drone integrate with Lora can increasing the control effective distance. If trouble maker is going to attack improtant facilties, they have more choices today. In last decade, APT cyber attack is the major channel to detroy the critical facilities. But APT attack rare to destroy the infrastructure. If enemy insists to destory the infrastructure. The setup of IoT, Lora and Drone can do it.

Can Drones be Detected by Radar? All newer radars are equipped and have the ability to locate even the smallest drones in the air. May be in future, all the critical facilities especially oil facilitiy, Power grid require to install Radar system.

Prediction: We heard APT cyber attack against critical facilities (especially power grid and oil facilities) by far. It looks that a hybrid attack (IoT+Lora+Drone) will be use in future.

CIS Center for Internet Security Urge PHP customer aware of Multiple Vulnerabilities in PHP. Because it could allow for Arbitrary Code Execution. Sep 2019

Preface: Network security experts may hesitate to answer a question. What is it? Which programming language is easy to write. But there are no loopholes.

CIS Center for Internet security announcement: Multiple Vulnerabilities in PHP Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution

For more information, please refer URL –

Our Observation: One of the component to Jeopardize your PHP website is the “arbitrary-php-extension”. An experimental has been proofed. After loading custom made PHP extension, each request will be able to execute a piece of your own PHP code. If you need to customize the request argument arbitrary_php to something else, you can modify the value of REQUEST_NAME in (arbitraryphp/extinitial/pre_request.h). Parameter can be find on attached picture.

CVE-2019-12256 The industrial, and medical devices has been affected by IPV 4 component design flaws in VxWorks 7 & VxWorks 6.9 (Aug 2019)

Background: Wind River’s VxWorks is widely used in communications, military, aerospace, industrial control and other fields for its high reliability and excellent real-time performance. For example, it is used in the US F-16, FA-18 fighters, B-2 stealth bombers and Patriot missiles. The most famous is the Mars probe that landed on the surface of Mars in April 1997 and landed in May 2008. The Phoenix, and the Curiosity Rover, which landed on Mars in August 2012, also used VxWorks 7.

Vulnerability details: Wind River VxWorks 6.9 and vx7 has a Buffer Overflow in the IPv4 component. There is an IPNET security vulnerability: Stack overflow in the parsing of IPv4 packets? IP options.

Official announcement: CVE-2019-12256 Not affected by user-application code, this vulnerability resides in the IPv4 option parsing and may be triggered by IPv4 packets containing invalid options.The most likely outcome of triggering this defect is that the tNet0task crashes. In the worst-case scenario, this vulnerability can potentially lead to RCE.

Remedy: Fixed in Vx7 SR620 .Customers are advised to contact Wind River Customer Support.

Australian Cyber Security Centre urge his citizen beware of Password Spraying Attacks

Preface: Even though you company install full set of cyber defense mechanism. More than 70% of feature is detective and preventive. Perhaps SIEM can do a predictive action. May be you have doubt, but it is factual.

Details: Australian Cyber Security Centre urge his citizen beware of Password Spraying Attacks (refer below url):
Such activities has been observed by U.S. Homeland security for long time. Consolidate their evaluation results, summary shown as below:

Part A: Commonly used ports are used when password spraying.

SSH (22/TCP)
Telnet (23/TCP)
FTP (21/TCP)
NetBIOS / SMB / Samba (139/TCP & 445/TCP)
LDAP (389/TCP)
Kerberos (88/TCP)
RDP / Terminal Services (3389/TCP)
HTTP/HTTP Management Services (80/TCP & 443/TCP)
MSSQL (1433/TCP)
Oracle (1521/TCP)
MySQL (3306/TCP)
VNC (5900/TCP)

Part B: Cyber Attack Group & Commonly used malware

Group name: APT3,APT33,Dragonfly 2.0(Berserk Bear),Threat Group-3390,Lazarus Group , OilRig(APT35),Leafminer,Turla

Malware types:
Chaos (malware)
Linux Rabbit(malware)
SpeakUp (Trojan backdoor)
Xbash (malware)
PoshC2 is an open source remote (written in powershell)
Emotet (malware)

SIEM Definition – Firing Rules criteria (see below):
1. Failed attempts over a period of time
2. Large numbers of bad usernames
3. High number of account lockouts over a defined period of time
4. Unknown “appDisplayName” – Active Directory PowerShell
5. Ratio of login success verses login failure per IP address

Remark: If your IT infrastructure is a Cloud IaaS deployment, perhaps you need to do the monitoring by yourself.

If the above 5 items triggers your SIEM rules. Even though the activities not in high amount. But you requires to observe the continuity level. Most likely on those activities alert that cyber attack group is interested of your company.

Fileless Malware Advisory – 17 JUl 2019

Preface: Stolen account information of nearly 750 million users was available for sale on the dark web after hackers breached 24 popular websites. The stolen data, released in two batches, includes names, email addresses and hashed passwords.

Description: Spear phishing email with URL to an archive file containing a .lnk file can misleading receiver to become a cyber victim. The receiving end not aware and let the data thief steal the data in silent mode.

Fileless Malware Advisory: MICROSOFT alerting that a new type of fileless malware found ( Astaroth). This malware can be installed on victims’ PCs without an executable. The Microsoft Defender ATP Research Team lock down Astaroth in May and June 2019. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security issue a report this week and provide a guidance to do the prevention. This malware has capability to evade the defenses mechanism. Should you have interested of this report. Please refer to the following url –

Multiple high vulnerabilities in Advantech WebAccess/SCADA -CVE-2019-10989,CVE-2019-10991 & CVE-2019-10993

Preface: Cyber Security expert not suggest access SCADA Dashboard from external area (internet). But we can use VPN establish connection then sign on as a workaround.

Background: Advantech WebAccess/SCADA is a browser-based SCADA software package for supervisory control, data acquisition and visualization.

Vulnerability details: In WebAccess/SCADA Versions 8.3.5 and prior, multiple heap-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities are caused by a lack of proper validation of the length of user-supplied data.

CVE-2019-10989 – The specific flaw exists within the implementation of the 0x113d1 IOCTL in the webvrpcs process.

CVE-2019-10991 – The specific flaw exists within bwclient.exe, which is accessed through the 0x2711 IOCTL in the webvrpcs process.

CVE-2019-10993 – The specific flaw exists within the implementation of the 0x27E9 IOCTL in the webvrpcs process.

Summary: Stack based & heap based buffer overflow and untrusted pointer dereference Remote Code Execution are all found in this product. Ioctl is a function in the device driver that manages the device’s I/O channels. The so-called I/O channel management is to control some characteristics of the device.

Reference: A stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability exists in a call to strcpy. Strcpy is one of the functions of the C language. It comes from the C standard library, defined in string.h, which can copy a memory block with a null end character into another memory block.
So attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute code under the context of Administrator.

Advantech has issued an update to correct this vulnerability –

Our Future especially Smart City is waiting for 5G mobile communication. Does your body ready for 5G signal?

Preface: When mobile phone was born. Some of the people had concerning about the impact of electronic device to human health. As time goes by, seems we forget about it because we need smartphone now!

Historical background: The FCC has established a policy for human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. Seems it looks fine, the specifics policy defined, right? However if you review related policy (see below url). You might have doubt? Does our existing policy synchronize with modern technology?

About vulnerability: The medical industry not specify such technology will be potentially harmful to human body. But brain cancer, salivary cancer, acoustic neuromas and two other types of cancer go up with cell phone use. It was strange that European countries are the leader to promoting healthcare. However it looks that they are also the technology supporter. Regarding to strategic project plan especially infrastructure of the country. The major elements should be included in design phase but I did not seen the renewal policy of Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.

Highly vulnerable – Moxa customer must be vigilant!

Preface: The MoxaEDS405A/408A are entry-level 5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches designed especially for industrial applications.

Technical background: Turbo Ring is a self-healing technology that enables fast fault recovery under 20 ms. Moxa’s Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain Ethernet technologies maximize railway network availability with ideal redundancy technology.

Security focus: CVE-2019-6563 (CVSS:10) – Moxa IKS and EDS generate a predictable cookie calculated with an MD5 hash, allowing an attacker to capture the administrator’s password, which could lead to a full compromise of the device.

What is Predictable cookie ? For example: Cookie: JSESSIONID=USER1. A predictable cookie calculated with an MD5 hash bring our attention because MD5 produces a 128-bit hash as an output; only 3 bytes of the hash value are used in the cookie value.

Observation: Moxa products are used in the Korean subway network on 2010. Not sure whether it is still remain usage. But believe that a remedy solution has been taken if it is still in used. Otherwise it will create a cyber security risk in the operations.

Vulnerabilities details please refer to url:

Unknown vulnerability Found Affecting Intel CPUs – 5th Mar 2019

Preface: So called Spoilter, a vulnerability given by Intel CPU design limitation. If hacker successful exploit such vulnerability. They can conduct “Rowhammer” attack for privileges escalation.

Vulnerability detail: The speculative execution function of Intel’s processors aim to increase the performance of a CPU. Meanwhile it caused Intel CPU vulnerability issues in the past. A new found technique is able to determine how virtual and physical memory is related to each other. By discovering time differences, an attacker can determine the memory layout and then know which area to attack. For more details, please refer attached diagram for reference.

Remedy: There is no mitigation plan that can completely erase this problem.

Headline news:

Conclusion: Perhaps “rowhammer” is hard to detect.. Be remind that a predictive defense solution will be reduce the risk. For example you have 360 degree cyber protection includes spam and DNS filter, SIEM, malware protection and managed security services. The impact cause by this vulnerabilities will be under control.