Nov 2019 – malware samples, staying alert!

Preface: The Trojan mostly arrive via email or spread from infected websites that users visit.

Background: U.S. Cyber Command has released seven malware samples. The malware hash shown as below: a2a77cefd2faa17e18843d74a8ad155a061a13da9bd548ded6437ef855c14442 fdb87add07d3459c43cfa88744656f6c00effa6b7ec92cb7c8b911d233aeb4ac 738ba44188a93de6b5ca7e0bf0a77f66f677a0dda2b2e9ef4b91b1c8257da790 04d70bb249206a006f83db39bbe49ff6e520ea329e5fbb9c758d426b1c8dec30 618a67048d0a9217317c1d1790ad5f6b044eaa58a433bd46ec2fb9f9ff563dc6 1ea6b3e99bbb67719c56ad07f5a12501855068a4a866f92db8dcdefaffa48a39 b6811b42023524e691b517d19d0321f890f91f35ebbdf1c12cbb92cda5b6de32

Our observation: VC++ method of injecting code into other programs is popular (see below):

  1. Put your code into a DLL; then use the windows hook to map it to the remote program.
  2. Put your code into a DLL; then use CreateRemoteThread and LoadLibrary to map it to the remote program.
  3. Copy your code directly to the remote program without using a DLL (using WriteProcessMemory)

So, how can you protect yourself against malicious code? Staying alert!

When you receive a word document. Perhaps document contained evasion technique. But you can do a basic health check by yourself. Nov 2019

Preface: Hot topic in the city this week perhaps is uncover the secret of surveillance power.

My focus: Perhaps quite a lot of reader are interested of the program code of the surveillance program ( ). As far as we know, similar of surveillance program infection technique will be relied on email attachment (especially MS word document).

This underground cyber attack method was exposed by Kaspersky on November 5, 2019, and named Dark Universe, literally translating the Dark Universe.
Since this kind of surveillance program sometimes focus on evadsion technique. And therefore the earlier phase of infection do not insists to use the Malicious code . From technical point of view, when you open the word document you can do a health check by yourself on unknown word document.

MS Word document validation method (DIY) – Remove an embedded file or object

1.Open MS word document
2.Select the chart area and press Ctrl+C.
3.Select the location where you want to paste a picture of the chart, press Ctrl+Alt+V, and pick a Picture format.
4.Select the original embedded chart and press Delete.

— End —

Apache solr 8.2.0 remote code execution (nov 2019)

Preface: Apache Solr is an application based on J2EE and uses Lucene libraries internally to provide user-friendly search as well as to generate the indexes.

Background: Apache Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites.

Vulnerability details: When an attacker can directly access the Solr console, he can make changes to the node’s configuration file by sending a POST request like /nodename/config.

Apache Solr integrates the “VelocityResponseWriter” plugin by default. The “params.resource.loader.enabled” option in the plugin’s initialization parameters is used to control whether the parameter resource loader is allowed to specify template in the Solr request parameter. This option default setting is false. When “params.resource.loader.enabled” is set to true, the user will be allowed to specify the loading of related resources by setting the parameters in the request, which means that the attacker can construct a threatening attack request on the server. A remote code execution will be occurred.

Current status: waiting for CVE reference number

Security focus -malicious cyber activity 1 st November 2019

Preface: U.S Homeland security released a report that urge the public to protect computer facilities to avoid Trojan attack. The Trojan found on 2014 which continuous upgrade itself in last half decade.

Background: Trojan.Hoplight is a Trojan horse that opens a backdoor on the compromised computer. It may also download potentially malicious files.

Security focus: We found quite a lot of malware target 32-bit machine in past.In most cases 32-bit code cannot access the memory of a 64-bit process.
In addition, malware which wishes to run malicious code inside a 64-bit process must, in most cases, be written as a 64- bit application. The HOPLIGHT variant capable to 64-bit machine.This malware artifact a malicious 64bit Windows dynamic library. From technical point of view, such change enhance his capability in modern system platform. Meanwhile, in order to evade antivirus vendor detection through secure gateway (HTTPS-man-in-the middle), they encodes it’s data with XOR Ox47 SUB Ox28 prior to being TLS encrypted. The goal is make it seal and nobody can crack this cipher. As far as we seen, this malware growth up with advanced technique.

Should you have interested to know the details, please refer url.