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NewsOne design weakness – Arbitrary File Upload (18th Jan 2020)

Preface: Arbitrary File Upload but require regular user sign in. Perhaps it lose the access control!

Product description: NewsOne is a web based application and fully responsive news & magazine script. Anyone can start your own media/press website with just few clicks without any codding knowledge.

Vulnerability details: Auth as a regular user. Go to specify URL (see attached diagram) and upload any file you want via <input type=”file” name=”user_image”> field. From security point of view, An attacker can use this vulnerability to perform a variety of malicious activities, including defacement, disclosure, and malware infection.

Remedy : Waiting for vendor announcement

Do not ignore integer overflow attack. His power equivalent with torpedo.

Preface: Malware detection, SIEM and predictive technology enhance the detective and preventive control in cyber security world. However the hacker still have solutions to conduct infiltration thus compromise the system. Attacker exploit integer overflow do the evasion. From technical point of view. It is difficult to detect.

Historical records of cyber attack who exploit integer overflow vulnerability:

Total 329 ethereum tokens vulnerable for integer overflow – 9th Jul 2018 –

CVE-2018-6983 VMware Workstation and Fusion updates address an integer overflow issue – 22nd Nov 2018 –

CVE-2018-20181 rdesktop seamless_process() Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Memory Corruption Vulnerability –

Observation: According to my observations, there are technical limitation on software engineering, most likely the cyber criminal keen to develop a technique sound like F117. That is invisible to radar (IDS) and infrared (SIEM). Perhaps online web application shall require user input function. Even though software developer introduce pull down menu function. However it is not able to lack of name and password input. So this is the objective we highlight today. Integer overflow technique exact can provides silent attack. As a result it form a bridge let attacker execute the 2nd phase of attack. For instance in C environment, The range of unsigned char is (0 – 255). So if the input password length is 260, it will cause integer overflow . So passwd_len actually has a length of 4, so you can bypass the length limit. If buf parameter has design limitation, stuffed 260 length of data into it, it will cause stack overflow.

Software tool can deep look into malware and design weakness – Ghidra

Preface: Ghidra is one such well-known software reverse engineering toolkit that the NSA agency has been using for a long time.

Synopsis: He ensured the audience that there’s no backdoor in Ghidra, said Rob Joyce, the cybersecurity adviser to the NSA director.

About installation: Quick and simple way

Prerequisite: Since “Ghidra” relies on JDK 11+ and therefore your Linux OS might require to update. For example: I am using Fedora system. In order to avoid any technical problem occurs during installation. My Fedora upgrade to Fedora 28.

1. Before kick start do the installation, please confirm your current OS whether compatibility with JDK 11+.

2. If you don’t have any technical concerns about item 1, you can download the software by going to the url below.

3. Copy file ( to your decide location (/home/xxxx/ghidra).

Remark: xxxx is your user name in Linux

4. Permission setting

chmod 755

5. unzip the download file


Now do the JDK 11+ installation:

6. As said, I am working on Fedora 28.So download the require JDK 11+ source file in the following location:

curl -O

7. After the download, extract the archive

tar zxvf openjdk-11.0.1_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz

8. Move the resulting folder to /usr/local/

sudo mv jdk-11* /usr/local/

9. Set environment variables (create or edit existing file)

sudo vi /etc/profile.d/


export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk-11.0.1

export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

10. Source your profile file and check java command

$ source /etc/profile.d/

$ java -version

openjdk version “11.0.1” 2018-10-16

OpenJDK Runtime Environment 18.9 (build 11.0.1+13)

OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 18.9 (build 11.0.1+13, mixed mode)

11. $ which java


12. Installation has been done.

13. You can go to Ghidra now. Go the location which Ghidra in place. Then execute ./ghidraRun .

For users instruction, please refer below url:


Who can you trust in the Internet world? Security Issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL in MySQL DB.

Preface: Some organizations that use MySQL include GitHub, US Navy, NASA, Tesla, Netflix, WeChat, Facebook, Zendesk, Twitter, Zappos, YouTube,…etc

Background: Technology writer Ionut Ilascu alert that there is command in MySQL server could be use for steal the personal and web server data without a high level evasion technique.

Technical overview:
Security Issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL on MySQL DB server side:
Such a server could access any file on the client host to which the client user has read access.

Security Issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL on web server side:
In a Web environment where the clients are connecting from a Web server, a user could use LOAD DATA LOCAL to read any files that the Web server process has read access to.

Sounds scary. Should you have interest of this topic, please refer below url:

Facebook 6.8 million users’ private photos leaked – Suspected it was happened in developers environment.

Facebook looks bad luck this year. It is better to invite Chinese Feng Shui master provides suggestion. Yes, it is kidding.

Perhaps Facebook intend to improve their image. It immediately let’s public know what is happening in the moment. It is talking about 6.8 million users’ private photos leakage. But suspected that the loophole was happened in developers environment.
My comment is that may be vulnerability happens in call to action function. A design limitation keep the CTA access token. And therefore it provides unauthorize access.

Headline News:

Something 101 – Are you aware Docker containers safety?

Preface: Docker’s introduction of the standardized image format has fueled of interest in the use of containers in the enterprise recently. A Docker container look likes a Virtual machine.

It is without antivirus or malware detector facilities install to Docker container platform. Is that secure?

On the market, there is no such product available in the market. However if you would like to find out something 101 about preventive control. It can find on this short discussion.

Hints: When a container accesses a database or service it will require a secret, like an API key or username and password. An attacker that gains access to the secret will also have access to the service. For more details, please refer to attached diagram.


  1. Ensure that processes in containers do not run as root, so when attacker try to exploiting privileges command, it will be restricted by role base control.
  2. Cut down on the kernel calls that a container can make to reduce the potential attack surface.

So called “something 101” as usual technical details not suitable describe in long format. See whether we have chance to discuss more in future.

He is a bird – Taiwan supercomputer (Nov 2018)

Preface: There are many reasons for wanting to combine the two parallel programming approaches of MPI and CUDA. A common reason is to enable solving problems with a data size too large to fit into the memory of a single GPU, or that would require an unreasonably long compute time on a single node. The message passing interface (MPI) architecture successful exchanging messages between multiple computers running a parallel program across distributed memory. Thereby single system can group together form a big power.

The open source refers to any program whose source code is made available for public use. Open MPI is a Message Passing Interface library project combining technologies and resources from several other projects. Meanwhile it is a potential power driving the technology world in this century. It is hard to imagine that Xeon processor type computer machine will go to supercomputers world. With assist of QuantaGrid D52G-4U GPU. The dream come true now. Tesla V100 can deliver up to 896 tensor Tflops to training deep learning model with 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 (dual-width 10.5″). Taiwania 2 supercomputer take the role to handle big data , AI and scientific research functions.


Supercomputer – You focus the speed of CPU, but my design goal is efficiency (Nov 2018)


The art of driving a car in a race comes from the ability to maximize the performance of the car. Everything you do on a track takes skill when you are reaching the limits of performance. This concept also suitable on computer design.

Japan supercomputer rating:

Fujitsu ranks supercomputers seventh in the world.

Cores: 391,680

Memory: 417,792 GB

Processor: Xeon Gold 6148 20C 2.4GHz

Historical background:

The traditional supercomputer architecture contains HIGH SPEED VECTOR PROCESSORS, crossbar switch, LPARs architecture. Since CPU speed is most important element on calculation. Meanwhile LPARs design can let system allocate the function feature and requirements.
Remark: Logical partitions (LPARs) are, in practice, equivalent to separate mainframes.


But the military, scientific and public safety requirements of the world in today more demanding. The traditional Supercomputer LPARs design still have space for improvement. And therefore Linux high performance cluster and docker infrastructure become a key components. It boostup the system efficiency. Even though Fujitsu ranks supercomputers seventh in the world. But it maximum the efficiency.

SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework



All SWIFT users must comply with the mandatory security controls by the end of 2018.


Introduction of new controls or guidelines will take account of strong cybersecurity practices that address the currently known new and arising threats in order to pragmatically raise the security bar.

Technical details:

Mandatory Security Controls
1. Restrict Internet Access and Protect Critical Systems from General IT Environment
2. Reduce Attack Surface and Vulnerabilities
3. Physically Secure the Environment
4. Prevent Compromise of Credentials
5. Manage Identities and Segregate Privileges
6. Detect Anomalous Activity to Systems or Transaction Records
7. Plan for Incident Response and Information Sharing

Swift system is on the way do the enhancement continuously. But do you think such continuous program will be effectively avoided cyber security attack? For instance Bangladesh heist.
It is hard to tell what is the next cyber attack challenge in the moment. Let’s keep our eye open. Stay tuned!


Bank Negara Malaysia (Bank) detected and foiled a cybersecurity incident involving attempted unauthorized fund transfers using falsified SWIFT messages.

Advisory on PHP Vulnerabilities – 12th Oct 2018

The Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) has released an advisory on multiple Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) vulnerabilities today (refer below url):

Perhaps PHP program version will make you frustrated. Why? The vulnerabilities addressed by MS-ISAC only for Version 7.2.11 & Version 7.1.23. However there is another fix coming soon (see below):

PHP 7.1.24


Fixed bug #76946 (Cyclic reference in generator not detected)

Date: unknown

Fixed bug #75851 (Year component overflow with date formats “c”, “o”, “r” and “y”). (Adam Saponara)


Fixed bug #76948 (Failed shutdown/reboot or end session in Windows).


Fixed bug #76954 (apache_response_headers removes last character from header

name). (stodorovic)


. Fixed bug #76972 (Data truncation due to forceful ssl socket shutdown).

(Manuel Mausz)


. Fixed bug #76942 (U_ARGUMENT_TYPE_MISMATCH). (anthrax at unixuser dot org)


. Fixed bug #76965 (INI_SCANNER_RAW doesn’t strip trailing whitespace).



. Fixed bug #30875 (xml_parse_into_struct() does not resolve entities).

Should you have interested, please review above diagram. PHP look likes a game.