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About CVE-2022-40023: Do not contempt the earlier CVE record. Perhaps it will became a key point benefits to cyber criminals. (15th May 2023)

Preface: The lexer creates tokens (see TokenType and Token) from an input string. The input string is expected to be in infix notation form. The lexer can convert an infix stream into a postfix stream (Reverse Polish Notation) for further processing by a Parser.

Background: Mako is a template library written in Python. It provides a familiar, non-XML syntax which compiles into Python modules for maximum performance.
Why template is used in Python? Template Method is a behavioral design pattern that allows you to defines a skeleton of an algorithm in a base class and let subclasses override the steps without changing the overall algorithm’s structure.

Vulnerability details: Sqlalchemy mako before 1.2.2 is vulnerable to Regular expression Denial of Service when using the Lexer class to parse. This also affects babelplugin and linguaplugin.
The remote AlmaLinux 9 host has a package installed that is affected by a vulnerability as referenced in the ALSA-2023:2258 advisory.

Official announcement:For details, please refer to the link –


Do you know what AI thinking?But sooner or later he will become smarter than common people (8th May 2023).

Preface: The 2012 Mayans doomsday prophecy perhaps is a joke.
However the poor weather havoc and unpredictable. The sudden weather change become more destructive. As a matter of fact, scientists urge that this extreme change of weather related to current environment.
What’s more, the prophecy does not record how nature will change immediately. Nor does it say that the specified date will be over on the same day.

Background: AI inventions, similar advent of the atomic bomb, will completely change the world, said Warren Buffett.
Going back two years, some speakers at the workshop said not to worry. AI won’t affect your job. In fact, artificial intelligence will replace low-level labor in the next few years. It does not substitute 100% immediately within the specified time.
Buffett said that Microsoft founder Bill Gates once showed him the latest version of ChatGPT, in which the program can check all legal opinions in a very short time, which impressed him. He believes the power of AI technology should be cause for concern.

Common Open Source AI Software: Before AI knows how to use his intelligence to protect itself well without relying on people. We should know who he is and receive a basic understand to him.

Acumos AI: Based on Linux, to help integrate other frameworks and develop cloud-based AI apps.
ClearML: ClearML announced a free hosted plan to give data scientists the freedom to manage AI/ML experiments and orchestrate workloads without investing in additional resources. Integration with Hadoop and Spark for big data-based AI modeling. Library of ML algorithms including supervised and unsupervised learning Mycroft powers various elements of the voice stack using open source AI technology. There is a large community of users, developers, and translators, to constantly improve the AI algorithms.
OpenCV: Proven applications across a variety of use cases, including facial recognition, human-computer interactions, object detection, motion tracking, and more.
ML library containing algorithms for decision tree learning, k-nearest neighbor algorithm, artificial neural networks, random forest, and deep neural networks (DNN), among others.
OpenNN: OpenNN is an open source AI software library for implementing neural networks and ML.
PyTorch: A production-ready environment powered by TorchServe for quickly deploying models. A distributed backend architecture to enable distributed training and performance optimization.
Rasa (Open Source): Natural language understanding to convert messages into structured data and analyze intent.
TensorFlow: Support for multiple languages, including JavaScript, which is relatively rare in the open source AI space.
Tesseract OCR: Tesseract is an OCR engine originally developed by Hewlett Packard as a proprietary technology in the 1980s. It launched as an open source AI software with sponsorship from Google in 2006. Its primary implementation is meant for unstructured data processing and text from image extraction, executed entirely from a common line interface.

Former CNBC article for reference:

June 25th 2022 (APAC time zone), an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon

In the early morning of June 25th 2022 (APAC time zone), an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon “Eight Starts Converging” will be staged. During this period, Jupiter,Mars,Venus and Mercury, a total of five stars will appear in the night sky at the same time, and will be connected in a line to form the “Five Stars Convergence”, and the invisible Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are connected in a line, forming an extremely rare “eight-star converging”.


When you read the news, it mentions unknown things in the universe and you will want to know more.(22nd May 2022)

Preface: How fast are the Voyager computers?

Official Reply from NASA: Not very fast compared to today’s standards. The master clock runs at 4 MHz but the CPU’s clock runs at only 250 KHz. A typical instruction takes 80 microseconds, that is about 8,000 instructions per second. To put this in perspective, a 2013 top-of-the-line smartphone runs at 1.5 GHz with four or more processors yielding over 14 billion instructions per second.

Background: Voyager 1 launched in September 1977 and is now the farthest spacecraft from Earth. The Voyagers transmit data to Earth every day. The spacecraft collect information about their surrounding environment in real time and then send it back through radio signals. Voyager 1 data takes about 19 hours to reach Earth, and signals from Voyager 2 about 16 hours. According to official information, Voyager 1 is 14.5 million miles away from Earth (as of January 2022).

Goal of Voyager Interstellar Mission: NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) is an international network of facilities managed and operated by JPL’s Interplanetary Network Directorate. The DSN supports interplanetary spacecraft missions, radio astronomy, radar astronomy and related observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe.

Voyager 1 is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG).

About news related to the topic: NASA is investigating this ‘mystery’ data coming from Voyager 1,…..Everything about the AACS suggests it is functioning normally, yet the telemetry data it’s sending back to Earth is “invalid”, producing what appears to be randomly generated data that doesn’t match any possible state the system could be in.

For details, please refer to the website –

Additional comments: Goal of Voyager Interstellar Mission is keen to find out unkown matter of the universe. As of January 2022, Voyager 1 is 14.5 billion miles from Earth. If Deep Space communication center receive randomly generated data.
May be it can do a colloboraton with SETI. SETI Research have several observing projects on the Allen Telescope Array. From techincal point of view, randomly generated data do not have reference model is hard to do the interpretation. If there is similar pattern or unknown signal had detected by SETI in past. If it had, perhaps make use of both set of data can do a corellation.Perhaps, it is the advanced civilization that wants to communicate with our earth.

Ref: Random numbers are numbers that occur in a sequence such that two conditions are met: (1) the values are uniformly distributed over a defined interval or set, and (2) it is impossible to predict future values based on past or present ones.

Prophecy astrology and astronomical phenomenon (16th Jan, 2022)

Preface: The history of Vedic astrology, some said it’s been around since 10,000 B.C!


About Prophecy astrology: Vedic astrology refers to Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that originated in ancient India and was recorded by saints in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as “Jyotish” – the science of light Vedic astrology involves the patterns of astral light that are thought to determine our destiny.

About astronomical phenomenon: On the ecliptic plane, the planets are clustered near the line connecting the sun and the Earth. From astronomical point of view. It is considered to be Planets align in order. However, it is excluding exoplanets.

Reminder: From 3001 BC to 3000 AD, there were 49 occurrences of “six-star Planets align in order” with a θ angle below 5 degrees, “seven-star Planets align in order” 3 times, and “eight-star Planets align in order” or above did not or would not occur. If the θ angle is expanded to 10 degrees, there are 709 times “Six Stars Planets align in order”, 52 times “Seven Stars Planets align in order”, and 3 times “Eight Stars Planets align in order”.

What astrology is the term “Karasapa Yoga” derived from? Kala Sarpa Yoga, or Kala Sarpa Dosha, is one of the most concerning planetary combinations in Vedic astrology. For example planets align in order. It is often called Dosha because it mainly leads to unlucky results.
Kala Sarpa yoga is mostly ominous and thought to seriously hurt people. The results of this Dosha, while harmful, are different for everyone. The extent or scale of damage it can cause varies depending on the location and condition of the planet.

Prediction of 7 major astronomical phenomena in 2022 Meteor shower / total lunar eclipse / super full moon / rare eight planets align in order. Perhaps when planets align in order bring the Astrology attention.

In late June (25th June 2022), there will be a rare “eight stars in a row”. The seven planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune plus Pluto will be in a line, and there is a chance to watch it before sunrise.

Reference: We’ve heard predictions recently (presumably based on Vedic astrology).
Believe it or not, it’s all up to you.

Who can tell the truth about the supernatural phenomena described in the Old Testament and other related religious bibles?

Preface: About 30 years ago, when we watched TV shows and talked about the universe. The narrator did not say that this was true. Or is it not true? We now have the Internet World Wide Web as an additional data resource aid. Even if you are not a subject matter expert. But if you want to find the information you want to know. You can use your judgment to make a summary of your research. Maybe the information you want to know will be received. Some people say that there is false information on the Internet. Yes, it is ture. Furthermore, if you still doubt the integrity of the information. Therefore, to be or not, this is the spirit of scientific research.

Background: Human civilization depends on science. Logic is the foundation of everything in the world. We all know that there are myths of different races of the religions. However, there are similarities in myths in different religious. They mentioned that God created people and they lived in the sky. In addition, they all recorded the great flood that occurred. And the prophet represented God to save human lives. See if the following two cases resonate with you.

  1. The LORD then revealed to Noah that he would send down a great flood to wash away his holy name. In addition, he also ordered Noah to build an ark to save their life. “Genesis” Chapter 5, Section 6 See-“Genesis” Chapter 11, Section 9
  2. In the Bible a deluge destroys all people except Noah and his ark. In the Avesta, a winter depopulates the earth except in the Vara (“enclosure”) of the blessed Yima, the first one to converse with Ahura Mazda before Zoroaster. The Avesta (/əˈvɛstə/) (Persian: اوستا) is the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the Avestan language. (Ref: The word deluge equivalent to great flood)

Even though historical relic observed by archeologists contains doubt. Suspected that only advanced technology can do. But mainstream explanations are reluctant to mention that it may involve that it was set by creatures outside the earth. Why?

Perhaps they know that doing so is destroying the human civilization that has been established for a long time!

Below details of historical relic has been proven it should require modern technology can do. As a matter of fact, scientist now focus why it build? And who is the builder?

Projects still under investigation: Summary of Mainstream Archaeologists Survey

(1) Pyramid of Giza

Pharaoh Cheops (Khufu) began the first project of the Pyramid of Giza, around 2550 BC. Its largest pyramid is the largest in Giza and is about 481 ft. (147 m) high above the plateau. Its stone masses estimated at approximately 2.3 million, weigh an average of 2.5 to 15 tons.But the interior decoration not similar to traditional tomb. No traditional painting on wall. Even no coffin.

As a matter of fact, ancient Egyptian had built the pyramid. But the scale of the pyramid is small. Furthermore, they cannot maintain pyramid shape compared to great pyramid. Some of the pyramid structure collapse due to ages. Because the structure not as strong as great pyramid. It is obviously, Giza pyramid complex (Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre & Pyramid of Menkaure) not build by ancient Egyptian. Archaeologists believe they will used pulley. And huge slave manpower. But this is not the correct findings. Think it over, how do they move a granite or limestone it weight 2.5 to 15 tons by ancient low end technology. 

(2) Puma Punku

Puma Punku is a site located a few miles southwest of the remains of Tiwanaku, at the junction of present-day Peru and Bolivia. The archeologists predicted that it was built around the beginning of the sixth century. In the ancient ruins of Puma Punku, there are many finely processed huge stone slabs. After testing, they are made of andesite (安山岩), have strong durability, and are classified as the most difficult type of stone to be processed, with a Mohs hardness rating of 5-6 .

In the ancient ruins of Puma Punku, people have found that these mysterious boulders have perfectly cut right angles, and some of the stones are full of boreholes. Some scientists said that we now have only two ways to process stones in this way: one is to use advanced laser technology, and the other is to use large diamond cutting tools. What’s even more incredible is that it is difficult to make regular round holes in these hard rocks even with modern technology.

(3) Baghdad Battery

Was the Baghdad Battery really a battery? Found in 1938 by a German archaeologist, the ‘Baghdad Battery’ could be 2,000 years old, and consists of a clay jar, a copper cylinder and an iron rod. Yet while even some experts refer to it as a battery, its true origin and purpose remains unclear.

(4) Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu, it is estimated that the construction dates back to 5,000 years ago, a very old and very mysterious underground city. This dungeon is 60 meters deep, about 20 floors deep.and this underground city can accommodate 20,000 residents. Who build this facility, no record written in history.

If the civil engineer going to build a dungeon which is 60 meters deep, about 20 floors deep. One of the most important device is lighting. It is not possible to use oil lamp. If the founder of Derinkuyu have technology to build this facilities at ancient time. Perhaps they will use similar technology as Dendera light.

The Dendera light is a stone relief in the Hathor temple at Dendera in Egypt. A fringe theory interpretation of the relief is that it depicts some form of ancient Egyptian lighting technology, similar to an arc lamp or cathode ray tube. Perhaps founder of Derinkuyu had make use of Dendera light and Baghdad Battery .

Temple of Hathor, Dendera

The Temple of Dendur is an ancient Egyptian temple built by the Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius, around 15 B.C., as one of many Egyptian temples commissioned by the emperor Augustus.

My conjecture 1.) If you insist on avoiding talking about aliens. From your perspective, the above four examples are history. But, if you think it is not only history or ancient civilization. You can continuous read below details. Do you have any doubts whether there are similarities between gods of different religious?

My conjecture 2.) Repeat my previous description – In the Bible a deluge destroys all people except Noah and his ark. In the Avesta, a winter depopulates the earth except in the Vara (“enclosure”) of the blessed Yima, the first one to converse with Ahura Mazda before Zoroaster. The Avesta (/əˈvɛstə/) (Persian: اوستا) is the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the Avestan language. (Ref: The word deluge equivalent to great flood)

Consider 1: Do you think Derinkuyu whether is a refuge for those rescued at that time?

A Beauty misunderstanding when ancient people meet alien

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers drove the self-developed aircraft Flyer One to successfully fly continuously and controlled power for the first time in human history as an aircraft heavier than air, and was widely hailed as the inventor of modern aircraft.

Before that in ancient age, human being did not have flying machine concept. So if they meet an alien. They will say he is god. When he do a painting. Most likely, They will paint a pair of wings add to man or woman body. This is god from tradition so far.

The similarity of God in different religious

a) Anunnaki

The origin of mankind and the cradle of civilization. According to documentary, Mesopotamia is the place of foundation of human. Why? It is because this place found the earliest civilization including well structure city, building faciliteis and text. Pictorial characters first appeared in Uruk, the Sumerian city-state in 3200 BC. In the process of simplifying pictorial writing, Sumer began to gradually replace pictorial symbols with cuneiform symbols, and finally established cuneiform writing.

Zecharia Sitchin devoted his life to the study of the origin of mankind. After 30 years of rigorous research and exploration, he is proficient in Su-American cuneiform writing. Sitchin based on his thirty years study, thus interpret the details on the clay tablets. The cuneiform describe an alien race call Anunnaki. The race of Anunnaki come from a planet named Nibiru outside Neptune. They created the ancient Sumerian culture.

Ref: Niburu also known as Planet Nine or Planet X, Nibiru is supposedly mentioned on ancient Sumerian clay tablet. Does Niburu or Planet X exists? The prediction is based on detailed mathematical modeling and computer simulations, not direct observation. This large object could explain the unique orbits of at least five smaller objects discovered in the distant Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper belt is a circumstellar disc in the outer Solar System, extending from the orbit of Neptune at 30 astronomical units to approximately 50 AU from the Sun. It is similar to the asteroid belt, but is far larger—20 times as wide and 20–200 times as massive. So, its existence is purely conjecture unless Planet-X is observed.

My conjecture 3: Why we do not hear the rumors of Anunnaki in nearly few thousand years?

Nibiru is supposedly mentioned on ancient Sumerian clay tablets and is said to have crashed through the early Solar System creating the asteroid belt and the planet before vanishing again.

b) Ahura Mazda

Zoroastrianism was the most influential religion in the Middle East and West Asia before the birth of Islam, and the state religion of the ancient Persian Empire. Because believers pray in front of the fire, it is also named Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda was revealed to the prophet Zoroaster/Zarathustra through a vision he had when he was 30 years old. From certain point of view, Anunnaki and Nabi (Zarathustra) look like similar style.

Overview of different periods (see below)

c) Hopi Kachina

Kachina was a god worshiped by the Weiblo Indians and was considered a medium of communication between man and god. Indians in the American continent have very few beards, and it can be said that they almost do not have beards.

Ants are called Anu in Hopi, and friends are called Naki. Therefore, this so-called “big beard” is called “Anunnaki”. Don’t be surprised, “Anunnaki” also appears in ancient Indian mythology.
A book was published in 1963 so called The Hopi Book.

The Hopi said, where did the beard of our religion come from? We now live in the fourth world, the first world was destroyed by fire, the second world was destroyed by freezing, and the third world was destroyed by a great flood.

My conjecture 4: Bible old testament also has similar description. Is is interesting. And this is what our objective said they had similarity.

My conjecture 5: Do you think Derinkuyu whether is a refuge for those rescued at that time? May be it including Hopi people? The shape of Kachina with horns on the head and tail behind it is somewhat similar to the “Nuomu costume” of the Dogon people in West Africa.

What is Dogon Nammo?

The most senior priests of the Dogon people have learned about a phenomenon four hundred years ago. The religious doctrines that have been circulated for four hundred years in the Dogon population contain a wealth of knowledge about a star. The star is invisible with the naked eye, even with a telescope. It is Sirius B star.

Around 120 million years ago, Sirius B was a large white star five times as massive as the sun. Referring to below animations: The outer orbit is Sirius B. There is a brighter star running in other orbit. That is Sirius A. Is an main sequence star.

The daily life of the Dogon civilization is primitive. How does the priest accurately know the orbit and related structure of Sirius. Our civilization was guessed by astronomers about the existence of Sirius B in 1844. They conduct surveys through various modern astronomical instruments such as high-power telescopes. It was only in 1928 that astronomers realized that it was a small but dense white dwarf. It was not until 1970 that the first photo of this star was taken. The Dogon can also accurately draw the elliptical trajectory of Sirius B orbiting Sirius on the sand, and it is very close to the accurate drawing of astronomy. They said that this knowledge was taught to their ancestors by people who looked like fish.

Summary of above description: When you finished reading above details, do you have any comments? Even though you do not agree with my observation. But the historical relic can tell. Perhaps, you will ask, where they are now?

I had very strong feeling in below statement. It is not mean we are the end of world. But according to history and current environment situation. I think we should have protect our environment.

The Hopi said, where did the beard of our religion come from? We now live in the fourth world, the first world was destroyed by fire, the second world was destroyed by freezing, and the third world was destroyed by a great flood.

8th Jan 2022

Reminder: Stephen William Hawking was born on this day in 1942 in Oxford, England. Our great scientist would have been 80 years old today.

Does SpaceX use C language? 23rd Sep, 2021

Preface: SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

Background: Exploring Mars helps scientists understand major changes in climate that can fundamentally change the planet. It also allows us to look for biological features that might reveal whether there was abundant life on Mars in the past?

SpaceX engineers shared the programming languages they code in are: “C & C++ for flight software, HTML, JavaScript & CSS for displays
and python for testing,” adding that they “use HTML, JavaScript & CSS. We use Web Components heavily.”

Common programming weaknesses: Many memory manipulation functions in C and C++ do not perform bounds checking and can easily overwrite the allocated bounds of the buffers they operate upon.

  • Mistaken assumptions about the size
  • By design, forming a piece of data is the root cause of most buffer overflows.

Ref: In a classic buffer overflow exploit, the attacker sends data to a program, which it stores in an undersized stack buffer. The result is that information on the call stack is overwritten, including the function’s return pointer. The data sets the value of the return pointer so that when the function returns, it transfers control to malicious code contained in the attacker’s data.

Reality factor: There are many additional programming functions make the situation complex that a programmer cannot accurately predict its behavior.

My view point: Human beings want to explore the universe to meet their needs, and find a way to develop our living space free from the limitations of the earth. In fact, the speed of the rocket is the limit. If you think about it, it will take nine months to reach Mars. But we know that Mars is not suitable for human habitation. Why don’t we take time to improve the air pollution on the planet. In addition, if we can adjust the global greenhouse effect. Therefore, our new life is coming.

The Qixi Festival (GMT+8, 14th Aug, 2021)

Preface: It is no doubt that coincide often appears myth stories handed down from ancient times. The coincides is related to the astronomical phenomenon.

Mythological background: Legend has it that since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the seventh day of the lunar calendar is the day
when Altair(牛郎) and Vega(織女) meet once a year. It is commonly known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.
This is a love story that has been passed down through the ages.
Remark: The Northern and Southern Dynasties were a period in Chinese history. From 420 to 589 AD, it was a turbulent era.

Astronomical phenomenon synopsis: The Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters and Messier 45, is an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus(金牛座).
Lyra is one of the most brilliant constellations in the northern galaxy, named after the harp shaped like an ancient Greek. It is one of the 48 constellations listed by the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy and one of the 88 modern constellations set by the International Astronomical Union. Although Lyra is not large in size, it is not difficult to identify,
because its ruler Vega is one of the vertices of the “Summer Triangle”.

In summer, the summer triangle rises to the zenith in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere. After sunset in autumn, the summer triangle can still be easily seen in the west.

Ref: Since the Tang Dynasty, the Pleiades have been regarded as seven stars. But modern astronomy says this is incorrect.

Did you celebrate this holiday today? Yep I go to Sai Kung, worship the god.

Who makes supercomputers faster and faster (CPU, fibre interconnect, parallel processing or virtual machine)? 29th June, 2021.

Preface: In Japanese mythology, the Namazu (鯰) or Ōnamazu (大鯰) is a giant underground catfish who causes earthquakes. This giant not caused disaster, he is the fastest supercomputer in the world. His name is FUGAKU.

Background: Riken and Fujitsu started developing the system in 2014, working closely with ARM to design the A64FX processor. Each of these ships has 48 CPU cores based on the ARM architecture version 8.2A, making it the first such chip in the world. Furthermore, more than 94.2% of supercomputers are based on Linux. In addition, supercomputers can run Windows operating systems.

Do you think today’s supercomputers only rely on a few sets of multi-core processors and standalone operating systems?

When using two virtual machines, VMware found that the overall benchmark results using an 8 TB data set were almost as fast as native hardware, while when using 4 virtual machines, the virtualization method was actually 2% faster. If the system architecture is constructed by many virtual machines. In order to achieve parallel computing to improve efficiency. The supercomputer also apply similar concept.

Base on design goals. HPC workload manager focuses on running distributed memory jobs and supporting high throughput scenarios, and Kubernetes is mainly used to orchestrate containerized microservice applications. If the system architecture is constructed by many virtual machines. Realize parallel computing to improve efficiency. So when the above concepts are implemented on a supercomputer, the processing power will be improved.

The fastest supercomputer this month is FUGAKU. But who can guarantee that FUGAKU will always be number one?

Virtual Journey – Journey to the Center of the Earth (2021)

Preface: The period from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2100 is called the 21st century. Furthermore, our technologies world has demand for virtual technology concept. For example, virtual machine, virtual reality,..etc. Have you been think that you can do a virtual journey. See whether what is the gap in between reality and imagination?

Background: The first version of the Journey to the center of the Earth was published in 25th November 1864 by Jules Verne from France. Jules Gabriel Verne (Jules Gabriel Verne) is a French novelist, poet and playwright. The first industrial revolution started in the 1760s and lasted from the 1830s to the 1840s. Perhaps this revolution trigger his thinking or he has experience for close encounter of the 3rd kind?

Behind the Belief: Lizard People

According to the lizard people theory, bloodthirsty reptilian aliens first arrived on earth in ancient times. Since then, these beings have been merging with humans through the manipulation of DNA, as well as interbreeding with the human population. Conspiracy theories believing that unknown civilization including lizard people are living in the center of earth. Mixed humans (Lizard people) are not only discussed in ancient European culture. The similar of record also appearing in China. The classic Chinese book “Shan Hai Jing” 《山海經》 depicts similar types of mixed humans. However, according to general view point, the “Shan Hai Jing” 《山海經》 is a compilation of mythical geography and beasts. But I don’t think so. You can go through below details (URL and references) see whether any change to your judgement?

Reference 1: American scholar Dr. Henriette Mertz (1898-1985) studied the “Shan Hai Jing” 《山海經》. She published a book to prove that there is a description of American geography in the “Shan Hai Jing”. According to the record of Dongshan Jing《東山經》 descriptions , where the sun rises east of the sea in China. She identified the Rocky Mountains in the central and western United States,the Sierra Nevada mountains,the Cascade Mountains,the Pacific coast of the coastal mountains explicitly similar to the “Dongshan Jing” Records. For instance, four mountain structure, peaks, rivers, flora and fauna, mountain-to-Mountain distance is exactly consistent with the “Dongshan Jing” includes records the four mountain systems, peaks, rivers, flora and fauna, mountain to mountain distance.

Reference 2: During World War II, Dr Mertz worked as a code-breaker for the U.S. government’s cryptography department.

How does planet form?

Here is the simplified answer:

  1. Earth formed when gravity pulled swirling gas and dust in to become the third planet from the Sun.
  2. The formation process of planets in the solar system is likely to be irrelevant to violent collisions, explosions and the like. It may be a slow combination of ice and gravel floating in space.

Recently the scientist of NASA found that the exact way to form a planet may be by a slow combination of ice and gravel floating in space. Instead of something to do with explosion. So called “Big Bang”.

Remark: The Big Bang theory is a cosmological model of the observable universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution.

Even though how to form. Since the planet is a circle shape (ball). This shape is difficult to define a central axis. Whereby, in what way to find out the central axis? Perhaps we can use this example. Axis rotation is the difference between the direction the ball is rotating and the direction that it is moving down the lane. The axis of rotation is determined by the horizontal angle of your fingers (how far around the side of the ball your fingers are) as you release the ball. That is the tilt of planet will be depends on the throw angle when it created.

“The process of forming planets has a bunch of stages, and the last stage is what’s called the ‘giant impact’ phase,” said Professor Doug Hamilton. Infographic below for reference:

No matter in which way, there is a lot of explosion happens in universe. The powerful shock wave generated during astral explosion or else. Which cause the astral receiving this powerful energy. If a planet located in is located at Lagrange point. Even this force cannot pull the planet to other location. However it will let the astral spinning. Furthermore the universe is in vacuum state. Maintaining rotation at constant speed in a vacuum does not require any further input of energy.

As a matter of fact, you may seen there is a quite a lot of coincident happens in this astral forming. And therefore a lot of people including myself has queries that whether it is a artificial creation instead of forming by nature.

There is magma in the core of the earth, is it the driving force that causes the earth to rotate?

The solid core of the earth rotates only once every 120 years or so. No one knows the real reason for the reversal. The original energy that caused the rotation of the Earth when the earth was formed. As far as we know, at least two ways found by scientist that what is the possibilities to form our earth (see below).

Why is the core of planets hot?

There are three main sources of heat in the planet:

  1. Heat from when the planet formed and accreted, which has not yet been lost;
  2. Frictional heating, caused by denser core material sinking to the center of the planet; and
  3. Heat from the decay of radioactive elements.

Why is the Earth tilted at 23.4 or 23.5 degrees? The angle varies a little over time, but the gravitational pull of the moon prevents it from shifting by more than a degree or so. This tilt is what gives us seasons. The axial tilt impact seasons, weather, even human life.

What causes the moon to rotate? The easy answer is that the moon’s orbit around Earth is tilted, by five degrees, to the plane of Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Closer look inside our earth

Gold is one of the ingredient in our earth. Pure gold is on demand item since ancient time. We can seen many things in ancient age also made by Gold. People known Gold is an expensive ingredient when mankind founded alchemy technology in ancient age. There are also unproven records of cuneiform writing in ancient Sumerian clay tablets, and advanced and unknown civilization also came to the earth to mine gold. Current scientific theories estimate that there is enough gold in the core to cover the surface of the earth with a 4 meter thick layer of pure gold. But this area cannot be mined. Therefore, the remaining gold component that can be mined is located on the earth’s crust.

According to data from the US Geological Survey (2020), underground gold reserves are currently estimated to be about 50,000 tons. Approximately 20% is still to be mined.

The density of the core is measured using several techniques including seismic geophysics. Seismic waves are measured from earthquakes all over the world.

What Is Earth’s Core Made of?

Earth’s inner core is solid iron, its outer core is liquid iron mixed with other components, and its mantle is dense rock.

Quote: We can’t put a thermometer in the Earth’s core, so the only solution is to simulate the same crushing pressure in the laboratory, said Lidunka Vočadlo (University College London, UK)

In 2013, a French research team created the best simulation conditions. They inserted pure iron into an environment where the pressure was slightly more than half the pressure of the core, which is said to be the temperature of the core. At the core temperature, the melting point of pure iron is about 6230°C. The presence of other substances causes the melting point to drop, about 6000°C, while it is still very hot, comparable to the temperature of the sun’s surface.

The Earth’s core is mainly composed of iron. It is believed that about 80% of the composition of the Earth’s core is iron, although the exact value has yet to be determined. The Iron must have been affected by gravity and settled towards the Earth’s core. Most of the rest of the Earth is made up of a rock material called”silicate”, and the molten iron must find a way to pass through these rocks to reach the core. A lot of unknown information waiting for scientist to figure out. Because we still rely on drilling methods and simulated predetermined environments.

Should the journey continue?

The deepest hole drilled by human being on Earth and deepest artificial point on Earth. It was created the world record by Russia Kola superdeep borehole. (40,230ft-deep (12.2km)). The drilling was stopped in 1992, when the temperature reached 180C (356F). Perhaps this is a prelude and waiting for human being to explore.

The scientific world has unlimited information waiting for human being to explore. Scientific goals allow us to understand the origin of everything in the world. I hereby to thanks for our digital world especially search engine and unlimited information on internet world. Our journey stop here.

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