About Apple security updates – CVE-2018-4173 – It allows invisible microphone access via a crafted app

We do not have suprise that malware infiltrate malicious code to software application because it happens in frequent from cyber technology world.  Apple counputer found a vulnerability on their iOS and MacOS was that a invisible microphone access via a crafted app but do not display on status bar. But it bring up the concerns, details are shown as below:

  1. Apple code scanning do well. But how does hacker do this implant or embedded malicous code in SDK?
  2. Even though someone turn on microphone on iphone, but the problem is that it do not shown on status bar?

About Apple security updates

About the security content of iOS 11.3


About the security content of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, Security Update 2018-002 Sierra, and Security Update 2018-002 El Capitan




Be patient! KB4100375. Stay tuned!

If the memory leak is intensive, it can cause the program to crash or even make the whole computer freeze. The most common reason programs have memory leaks is due to a programming error where unused memory is not allocated back to the system.Memory leaks are a class of bugs where the application fails to release memory when no longer needed. A large leak might result in unacceptable response times due to excessive paging. The windows 10  security update (KB4100375) rescheduled because of above reasons.

For more details, please refer below url for reference.

Microsoft explains why Windows 10 Spring Creators Update delayed


Company which are going to implement the opensource CMS system, you must be extra care – Apr 2018.

Using a CMS, companies can easily build sites for themselves and their clients. These systems streamline web design and content publishing, ensuring that both your site and workflow are streamlined.The open source CMS system (Drupal, Joomla, Magento and CMS Made Simple) boost up the market growth and demand. However EU is going to enforce the law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. Just do a quick review of the vulnerabiolties found on open source this year (2018). Those vulnerabilities happened are potentially contravention of the data protect law. So company which are going to implement the opensource CMS system, you must be extra care.

Opensources CMS system vulnerability Reference –

Drupal core – Highly critical – Remote Code Execution (Mar 2018)


Easily Bypass iPhone Encryption – Apr 2018

Headline news report that law enforcement agencies across the country have purchased GrayKey, a relatively cheap tool for bypassing the encryption on iPhones, while the FBI pushes again for encryption backdoors. It looks that a great opportunities for technology firm. It can receive rewards. It is indeed a win win situation. Tech firm can earn money. The court is able to collect the evidences to do the right judgement. Meanwhile, I was wonder whether this is the only way to open the backdoor? As we know, jailbreak the iPhone not a secret. The default password looks easily to collect. So far, the cheap tool to do the magic are available. Perhaps you cannot unlock the phone directly. However you are able to get in (see attached diagram for reference). I beleive that there are more possible way and idea will be coming soon.

My friend posted the official post provided by motherboard and awaken my imagination.

Yes, information technology and cyber technology relies on people imagination. And such a way let your dream come ture.

Official articles in below url for your reference:


VMware Releases Security Updates – especially cloud base users must staying alert! 12th Apr 2018

In java world, it has plenty of areas are allow hacker to do some tricks. VMware announced that found so called DOM Based Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability and Missing renewal of session tokens vulnerability. In regards to my comment, both vulnerabilities similar modern java applications security weakness, we are able to apply filter to do that. For example a regular expression solution. In short, please refer official announcement for reference.

vRealize Automation updates address multiple security issues


Juniper JunOS – The giant is sick! April 2018

Kernel crash upon receipt of crafted CLNP packets (CVE-2018-0016)


Denial-of-service vulnerability in flowd daemon on devices configured with NAT-PT (CVE-2018-0017)


Crafted packet may lead to information disclosure and firewall rule bypass during compilation of IDP policies (CVE-2018-0018)


Denial-of-service vulnerability in SNMP MIB-II subagent daemon (mib2d) (CVE-2018-0019)


rpd daemon cores due to malformed BGP UPDATE packet (CVE-2018-0020)


Eclipse Jetty information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2015-2080)


Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat (ROBOT) RSA SSL attack (CVE-2017-1000385)


Multiple vulnerabilities resolved in OpenSSL


Multiple vulnerabilities in stunnel 5.38



Multiple vulnerabilities resolved in CentOS 6.5-based 2012.2R12 release



Short MacSec keys may allow man-in-the-middle attacks


Mbuf leak due to processing MPLS packets in VPLS networks (CVE-2018-0022)


world writeable default configuration file permission (CVE-2018-0023)




Why REST (API) is so popular? But how to hardening the API security features?

REST (API) is key component to building powerful, scalable web-based applications today. So how to enhance the security feature, since it is working with HTTP communication method. Thence:

1. We should ensure that the HTTP method is valid for the API key/session token and linked collection of resources, record, and action.

2. Authentication – It is better to deploy multi-factor authentication and token-based authentication.

3. Token validation errors should also be logged for audit purpose.

4. Input sanitization.

5. If the classification label of data is private or confidential. A symmetric cryptography will be used to encrypt the data transmitted.

6. Hardrening REST API status return codes instead of 404 (errors) and 200 (success).

Perhaps above items of enhancement not easy to fulfill. However the system developers should be fulfilled the standard requirements. Following the web server security best practice. Apart from that it compliance with HTTP security (RFC7230 – section 9).

Should you have interested of RFC7230 – section 9 standard. Please refer to below url for reference.


Microsoft security update – April 10, 2018 – KB4093112

The security update of Microsoft this week included provides support to control usage of Indirect Branch Prediction Barrier (IBPB) within some AMD processors (CPUs) for mitigating CVE-2017-5715. Apart from that it also provides Windows Client Guidance for IT Pros to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities. However I was wondering the mitigation plan coverage provided by AMD?

A insidiousness of the SIMD instruction extensions of ARM, MIPS, and x86? Does AMD cover this part because SIMD Instructions considered harmful?Any advice or we just ignore it?

For more details about the security update, please refer below url for references.

Windows Client Guidance for IT Pros to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities – https://support.microsoft.com/en-hk/help/4073119/protect-against-speculative-execution-side-channel-vulnerabilities-in

KB4093112 – https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4093112


Allen Bradley – The design flaw of the programmable logic controller – system vulnerability

Traditional layer 2 communication system (without TCP/IP), proprietary OS system and without internet technology similar as a antibody protect the important facilities especially electricity power supply, water supply and natural gas facilities. But the element of civilization like a non stop vehicles moving forward. Whereby the man kind went through industrial revolution till today digital technology revolution. Our daily lifes support by electricity, water and natural gas. In order to maintain the stability and quality of those resources of supply. A analogue to digital (electronics) conversion was done, Thereby those facilities are under governance and control by PLC and SCADA today. However a design limitation was found since the components embedded Microsoft operation system and Linux opensource. So we heard power facilities encountered cyber attacks. This time the design flaw found in Allen Bradly PLC product. Regarding to the CVE reference number, we found that the vulnerabilities reported last year and believed that vulnerabilities has been fix. But a reminder to all of us is that vulnerabilities not limit to your office automation system and smartphone.The vulnerabilities are go with us daily.

Below url provides an overview of cyber attack on nuclear power facilities for reference.

Potential black force – digitize Godzilla



CVE Number

CVE-2017-14462, CVE-2017-14463, CVE-2017-14464, CVE-2017-14465, CVE-2017-14466, CVE-2017-14467, CVE-2017-14468, CVE-2017-14469, CVE-2017-14470, CVE-2017-14471, CVE-2017-14472, CVE-2017-14473


Adobe Security Bulletin – PhoneGap Push plugin vulnerability and the other

Coin has two sides, the computer has vulnerabilities on the other hand show benefits. Why, it provides a influence effect causes people found out resolution.And such a way go to advanced technology zone.
Security announcement by Adobe urge adobe users following the requirement apply the fix. Since there are total 5 items of security update. The item which bring my attention is the phonegap push plugin vulnerability (CVE-2018-4943). PhoneGap Push plugin that brings support for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to Apache Cordova apps on iOS and Android since PhoneGap Push Plugin version 2.0.0.
Firebase Cloud Messaging (commonly referred to as FCM), formerly known as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), is a cross-platform solution for messages and notifications for Android, iOS, and web applications, which currently can be used at no cost. If there is vulnerability encountered on phonegap push API. It merely effect not only a small group of persons! In short, please refer official articles for reference (see below):
Security update available for the Adobe PhoneGap Push Plugin | APSB18-15


There are few vulnerabilities not related to phonegap push API but need to aware!

Security Updates Available for Adobe Digital Editions | APSB18-13


Security Update Available for InDesign | APSB18-11


Security updates available for Adobe Experience Manager | APSB18-10


Security updates available for Flash Player | APSB18-08