Closer look of CVE-2020-1953 – it was impact Oracle OHF Self Service Analytics (20th Oct 2020)

Preface: As healthcare organizations look to reduce cost, IT rationalization and process transformation is accelerating as providers adopt cloud strategies.

Background: Oracle Healthcare Foundation is a feature-rich analytics platform that supports more than 35 subject areas relevant to health data analytics,giving healthcare providers more granular data regarding the requirements of individuals and populations.

Vulnerability details: YAML is a human-readable data serialization standard that can be used in conjunction with all programming languages and is often used to write configuration files. A flaw was found in the Apache Commons Configuration, where it uses a third-party library to process YAML files, which by default, allows the instantiation of classes if the YAML includes special statements. Oracle Healthcare Foundation Self-Service Analytics was impact by this vulnerability.

Official announcement The articles is bulky, use keyword “CVE-2020-1953” find out the details.

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