The stronger encryption power you have. The greater the risk being attacks.

A new mantra , some people quit the bitcoin business whereby some people catch up immediately! Such statement precisely describe current situation of bitcoin industry. A South Korean bitcoin exchange has filed for bankruptcy after being hacked again. They are decide to quit. It surprise to us with advanced secure platform causes such tragedy. But malware infection and DDoS attack not green to IT world today. Be brave to facing difficulties. Your new era is coming. A visible hints to re-engineering your cyber defense model in according  of  Lockheed Martin the Seven Ways (Cyber Kill Chain). You can figure out existing weakness of bitcoin technology architecture model. Perhaps sad feeling bring to bitcoin world is that they did not paid the attention on end-point wallet security management and manged security services. The trend is on the way, even though we are not belongs to this industry. Let’s you and me become the witness of this age!

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Perspective of e-Wallet Vulnerability