CVE-2020-3985 VMWARE SD-WAN Orchestrator vulnerability (19th Nov 2020)

Preface: Most SD-WAN suppliers have partnerships with leading cloud platforms, and they use a variety of methods to accelerate traffic coming to and from cloud platforms. But IT pros say, it should look for better security.

Background: The Orchestrator provides you with a JSON-RPC API, which means you call it over HTTPS. It’s not a RESTful API, as all calls go through a POST query and authentication is handled in a somewhat special way.

Vulnerability details: The SD-WAN Orchestrator allows an access to set arbitrary authorization levels leading to a privilege escalation issue.

Known Attack Vectors: An authenticated SD-WAN Orchestrator user may exploit an application weakness and call a vulnerable API to elevate their privileges.

Observation: According to VMware SD WAN 4.0 release note published on 18th Nov 2020. The Orchestrator API do the enhancement especially role base access control. A various new APIs used in the creation and management of custom roles. For example: role/getEligiblePrivilegesForCustomization – List privileges that eligible for customization for a given role. It is the effective solution to avoid misconfig of user role and access control.

Official announcement:

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