CVE-2020-12505 & CVE-2020-12506 CODESYS impacting WAGO, not sure who is the next victim? – 7th Oct 2020

Preface: CODESYS is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.However the design weakness jeopardize the Industrial world.

Highlights: According to the CVE announcement on 30th September 2020. A series of WAGO PLC-ETHERNET fieldbus controllers are vulnerable to cyber attack.

Vulnerability details: The authentication can be disabled for the port 11740 when it is in use for uploading PLC applications to the device. So it can let attacker to do the authentication bypass. A design flaw occured since it required application logic following IEC 61131 standards, arbitrary code could be executed directly on the device with the privileges associated with the Codesys runtime.”

Official Mitigation method:
– Restrict network access to the device.
– Do not directly connect the device to the internet.
– Disable unused TCP/UDP ports.
– Disable web-based management ports 80/443 after the configuration phase


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