winducms – attacker exploit php feature cause sql injection and REC (20th Apr 2020)

Preface: Why we found vulnerability on apps in frequent? Fundamentally, apps goal provided services and function. Even though you said it is a design weakness. But protection control should relies on other separate service or component. It will increase the difficulties for attacker when you install the antivirus(malware) on your mobile phone.

Vulnerability background: Windu CMS is a simple, lightweight and fun-to-use website content management system for Twitter Bootstrap. Security expert found bug on Windu 3.1. The proof of concept shown that it can exploits on PHP feature trigger SQL injection and remote code execution.

Security Focus: The PoC point out there is important factor cause the vulnerability and thus the developer pay the attention. In high level, it is simple. Software developer should disable eval function in PHP. Other than that, we should install antivirus program on smartphone.

Reference: WinDu CMS official website –

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