Any further idea on SAN storage data deduplication function under GDPR data protection policy

EU-GDPR held on 28th May, 2018. We believe that enterprise firms are ready. The GDPR policy indirect assist both employees and consulting firm doing the business and career development. Many company require to hire data protection officer. Meanwhile the consulting company has opportunities to promote the data protection consulting services. But there are more and more opportunities are coming soon. Even though the dead line held on end of this month. See below example, you might have more idea how to do the business development.

Example: User (A) send in EU country send a confidential document to non EU user (B). The data will be store on cloud. Perhaps we know the deduplication is common in Cloud computing area. But under GDPR data protection policy, it is better to turn off the deduplication function.

Remark: Heard that a company offer blocking EU IP addresses service for the company who do not involves their business operation in EU countries. Do you have any new idea in this regards?