Supercomputer – Who’s running fastest in the world? Nov 2018


When executing a process by switching it between various CPU cores is that, when switching a process to a new CPU core, the “L1” cache of the new core has to be updated and the previous core’s “L1” cache might requires to be deleted etc. Whereby in a somewhat unnecessary cache activity that ultimately downgrade the performance. But the traditional mainframe vector processor and crossbar switch did not have above technical limitation.

What technologies have changed the world? The success of the PCR clusters was followed by the purchase of the Multiprogrammatic Capability Resource (MCR) cluster in July, 2002 from Linux NetworX. The PCR cluster debuted as the Top 500 Supercomputers list in November, 2002.

Who’s running fastest in the world?

1. Summit – IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 22C 3.07GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband , IBM DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
United States
Cores – 2,397,824, Rmax (TFlop/s)143,500.0

3. Sunway TaihuLight – Sunway MPP, Sunway SW26010 260C 1.45GHz, Sunway , NRCPC National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi China
Cores – 10,649,600 Rmax (TFlop/s) 93,014.6

Who knows who is the winner tomorrow?