Has the extraterrestrial (E.T.) established a hydrogen line to observe our planet since ancient times?


Principle in the detection of radio signals from space is the Hydrogen atom. The hydrogen atom comprises a proton and an electron. It emits radioenergy at a wavelength of 21 cm or a frequency of 1420 MHz.


The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt. But the archaeologist found that a sightly difference of Pyramid of Khufu compared to other.


There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest chamber is cut into the bedrock upon which the pyramid was built and was unfinished. The so-called Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber are higher up within the pyramid structure. But it did not found emperor mummies in placed.

Sea Salt found in the Pyramids guide to scientist expose the secret and possibilities.

The material of pyramid – The Pyramids at Giza have more than 5 million blocks of limestone, until now believed to be CARVED stones, new evidences shows they were CAST with agglomerated limestone concrete. But the King’s Chamber, sarcophagus and relieving chambers were made of granite. Don Holeman (biochemical engineer) found that Queen’s Chamber is the only chamber that has salt discovered on the walls and ceiling.

The archaeologist found the location of Subterranean Chamber is equivalent the location below water level of river Nile. Meanwhile the causeway from the Great Pyramid leading down to the location of the ancient Nile River. For more details, please refer below picture.

Technical point of view

The result found by scientist and Archaeologist sightly indicated that Great Pyramid of Giza might not only for recall or condolence of the late Egyptian emperor. From technical point of view, it is advance technology facilities instead of Imperial Tombs. As a matter of fact, the tombs is located in The Valley of the Kings. The valley stands on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Thebes (modern Luxor), within the heart of the Theban Necropolis. 

The speculation by Don Holeman was that the design objective of the Great Pyramid goal to reproduce hydrogen as a gas transformation technique. A scientific way has possibilities to reproduce above concept. The chemical engineer told Don that a diluted hydrochloric acid coming in from one shaft and hydrated zinc feeding in from the other when combined would produced hydrogen. Meanwhile the consultant also affirmed that the boiling off of hydrogen when the chemicals mixed would create salts on the limestone (calcium carbonate) walls and ceiling of the chamber. Besides, the subterranean chamber equivalent with a hydraulic ram pump function to balance the pressure inside the Pyramid. And avoid the leakage of the liquid. Should you have interest of the technology, please see below diagram.

Technology architecture – advanced technology of Pyramid

Motivation – So, what is the goal for designer produce the hydrogen gas? Perhaps we can conduct the reasoning to trace the answer.

Assumption: I assume that few thousand years ago, the extraterrestrial teach the Egypt person build the Pyramid is for transmit the rescue signal. Then let the hydrogen line trigger their interstellar detection system. Per observation, pyramid follow the array of Orion constellation built. The location of the facility in the earth mimic to the 3 Stars of ‘Belt of Orion’ in the Orion constellation. This factor driving me speculate they are come from Orion.

The radio telescopes can see the otherwise invisible cold, dark features in space. In our earth, there are no hydrogen atoms in the air because hydrogen is highly reactive as a sole atom and requires another hydrogen atom to stabilise itself. Furthermore hydrogen is of low frequency in the Earth’s atmosphere because the H2 has very low molecular weight and therefore escapes the Earth’s gravity and rising into space.

When hydrogen atoms switch from the parallel to the anti-parallel configuration they emit radio waves with a wavelength of 21 centimeters and a corresponding frequency of exactly 1420 MHz. This is called the 21 cm line. Thus, radio telescopes tuned to this frequency can be used to map the great clouds of neutral hydrogen found in interstellar space. As a result, let the extraterrestrial (located in Orion constellation) can find out the location for colleague waiting for rescue since an unknown planet in sudden increase the hydrogen atom quantities similar an alert signal bring for their attention.

What is the hydrogen line, and why are radio or RF transmissions prohibited at this frequency?

Quote: The hydrogen line (1420.40575 MHz) is the precession frequency of neutral hydrogen atoms, the most abundant substance in space. It happens to fall in the quietest part of the radio spectrum, what’s known as the Microwave Window. Although there may not seem to be a lot of loose hydrogen atoms about (there’s perhaps one per cubic centimeter of interstellar space), the interstellar medium contains a lot of cubic centimeters. So these individual atoms chirping away at 1420 MHz make a powerful chorus, which is readily detected by even small radio telescopes. (http://www.setileague.org)

Principle in the detection of radio signals from space is the Hydrogen atom. Whereas Radio Astronomers listen to the Earth Universe at 78 MHz with Dipole and Custom SDR (Software Defined Radio). The goal of SDR is to provide a hardware that enables radio astronom to perform astronomical measurements.

Our situation not E.T. phone home. Few thousand years ago, they know where we are?

For my speculation, seems few thousand years ago, the extraterrestrial teach the Egypt person build the Pyramid is for merely for their objective (may be they are not the invader). Just let their race know where are they. Strongly believe that they encountered problem so stay in our planet). And the they are formulate a solution. Build the pyramid emit the hydrogen atom let their Radio telescope know their location because their planet far away from our galaxy. When they left our planet, it looks that the Pyramid not operate again. As a matter of fact, ancient Egyptian civilization lost the advance technology in that moment. As times goes by, it is hard to know or proof the truth of this issue. 

The dangers of humankind meeting alien civilizations

I agree with Professor Hawking opinion. He urge the world that the dangers of humankind meet with alien civilizations. Perhaps they have nomads. As a result, they will try to conquer another civilization (weak than him) thus colonize to our planet.

Quote: “Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach,” said Professor Hawking.

For the details of the comments by Professor Stephen Hawking, please refer below url: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/stephen-hawking-controversial-physics-black-holes-bets-science/

Summary: Pyramid not operate again. But it alert human being what is our situation. We heard that people experiences Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We do not know the truth. As a matter of fact, extraterrestrial know where we are.


We can also RASDR, RASDR is an Open Hardware project undertaken by members of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) to develop a low cost, high performance software defined receiver for use by SARA members.

RASDR2 block diagram as below: