Potential risk of CVE-2017-15265

CVE-2017-15265 found on Linux causes privileges escalation. Cisco expert found that it the vulnerability is due to a use-after-free memory error in the ALSA .The ALSA Framework design for audio function. However Android and IoT devices are deployed the ALSA framework on demand. Since Cisco do not have sound on their router, network switch, IDS and firewall devices. However hacker is able to use this vulnerability on all Linux OS platform. No one can say this is only a critical incident. This design weakness jeopardizing the IT world. Keep your eye open. Perhaps there are under going cyber attacks or data leakages cases relies on this design weakness which infiltrate the victim devices.However we do not find yet till now! For details of this vulnerability, Cisco provides their findings. Please refer below url for reference.



One thought on “Potential risk of CVE-2017-15265”

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