My reflections – Why do we require complete artificial intelligence into daily life?

The important thing is to never stop questioning, said Albert Einstein.

Since there is no prefect design items in the world. and therefore bug fix or so called software patch update is the acceptable method. So when I heard Apple issued the security update for Siri (speech recognition application program). As usual I will be interested of the techincal details of the security update. But my consideration this time not on cyber security. My question is that why do we require complete artifical intelligence into daily life. As we know after Apple Siri, Microsoft launched Cortana, Amazon launched Alexa. The speech recongnition was significant success (see attached diagram). The aim of this function not target smartphone only. The major goal is integrate this function into Artifical Intellgence system. The situation of today technology world similar following circumstances. That is once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. But my personal opinion is that we are on the way go to simple thinking logical model. The logical thinking steps will be replaced and transfer to another parties.  In fact that it will enhace the security and operation effeciency. Meanwhile the resources in the world is limit. For instance the existing resources in normal non AI environment can be consume for 100 years. But when we integrate our life to AI, how long will be maintain in the consuming cycle?

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