Invalid certificate on your remote access endpoint or a MITM attack presenting an invalid certificate compromise your workstation.

We heard cyber attack causes privileges escalation. Thus technology expert in creative way discover many solution to avoid such behavior happen. Perhaps we are focusing the patch management, antivirus signature update, malware detector yara rules. A silent way similar penetrate to your end point devices, even though server side will be compromised of this attack. Yes, we are talking about the Windows privilege escalation. Sounds like complicate, but it is simple on the other way round. If your remote client access software use SSL certificate establish TLS encryption. One of the possible way shown as below diagram. Be aware and stay alert! There are more products has this vulnerability but not exploit yet!

On the other hand, Adobe announce security updates for Creative Cloud Desktop Application. No specifics details provided. But only know the impact cause by Improper Certificate Validation. Detail shown as below url: