If your querying and updating RDF models using the SPARQL standards, please aware of this design weakness. (5th JUl 2021)

Preface: Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to overcome the physical limitations of capital and labor and open up new sources of value and growth.

Background: Apache Jena is a free and open source Java framework for building semantic web and Linked Data applications. The framework is composed of different APIs interacting together to process RDF data. Apache Jena Fuseki – SPARQL server which can present RDF data and answer SPARQL queries over HTTP.

Apache Jena Fuseki is a SPARQL server. It can run as a operating system service, as a Java web application (WAR file), and as a standalone server.

RDF is a standard for data interchange that is used for representing highly interconnected data. Each RDF statement is a three-part structure consisting of resources where every resource is identified by a URI. Representing data in RDF allows information to be easily identified. And interconnected by AI systems.

Vulnerability details: A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in Apache Jena Fuseki up to 4.0.0. Affected is an unknown code block of the component HTML Page Handler. The manipulation with an unknown input leads to a cross site scripting vulnerability.

Remediation: Users are advised to upgrade to Apache Jena 4.1.0 or later.

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