CVE-2022-31711 – VMware vRealize Log Insight 8.x prior to 8.10.2 (Updated On: 2023-01-31)

Preface: As time goes by, Log management is a mandatory setting in the digital world. Log management core architecture design involves a lot of software design. Therefore, you will be exposed to different forms of cyber attacks. So you need to watch out and protect yourself from harm.

Background: Log Insight includes the following key capabilities
• Integrates with VMware vRealize Operations™ to bring unstructured and structured data together, for significantly enhanced end-to-end operations management.

System Features:
Web Hooks supports additional alerting extensibility into Slack,etc.
• Simple Query API adds support for simple keyword search, complex queries, integration with CMDBs, external UI analysis,etc.
• Support for pure IPV6 environment – both server and agent side.
• Server side Agent upgrades – supports automatic agent upgrades

Remark: Working with webhooks exposes an HTTP endpoint that can be called from any actor on your server. Without appropriate measures, this could be extremely unsafe. For example: A man-in-the-middle attack is a vulnerability where a third party obtains access to your webhook data by capturing and reading the request.

Vulnerability details: VMware vRealize Log Insight contains an Information Disclosure Vulnerability. A malicious actor can remotely collect sensitive session and application information without authentication.

Affected Versions: VMware vRealize Log Insight 8.x prior to 8.10.2.

Consequence: Successful exploitation of the vulnerability may allow remote code execution and complete system compromise.

Official announcement: For more information please refer to –

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