cve-2019-7225 hmi hardcoded credentials vulnerability (jul 2019)

Preface: As time goes by, As time goes by, the common software design mistake found on business computer world now extend to industrial area. The impact includes SCADA , PLC and graphical user interfaces software.

Design defect: On systems, a default administration account exists which is set to a simple default password which is hard-coded into the program or device.From cyber security point of view, it is not the best practices. Meanwhile it boots up the overall risk level.

Vulnerability details: Design limitation encountered on ABB HMI components: A hidden administrative accounts embedded. This credential will be used during the provisioning phase of the HMI interface. Apart from that the credentials allow the provisioning tool “Panel Builder 600” to flash a new interface and Tags (MODBUS coils) mapping to the HMI.

Impact: An attacker can use these credentials to login to ABB HMI to control the operations. Those credentials are used over both HTTP(S) and FTP. Furthermore it let the attacker receive the read/write authority. As a result, it provide a pathway to implant malware into the system.

Official announcement ABB PB610 –

Official announcement ABB CP635 HMI –

Official announcement ABB CP651 HMI –

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