Android has released vulnerability information about CVE-2024-0039, However, with limited details. Take a closer look to see if it can dig out the details. (6th Mar 2024)

Preface: Android devices that act as both peripheral and central devices can communicate with other BLE peripherals while sending advertisements in peripheral mode. Devices supporting Bluetooth 4.1 and earlier can only use BLE in central mode. Older device chipsets may not support BLE peripheral mode.

Background: A BLE device sends out a repetitive packet of information over one of three channels with random delays of up to 10 milliseconds. The repetition period between each packet of information is called the ‘advertising interval’.

For Bluetooth 4.0, the BLE Radio is capable of transmitting 1 symbol per microsecond and one bit of data can be encoded in each symbol. This gives a raw radio bitrate of 1 Megabit per second (Mbps).

Vulnerability details: Fix an OOB write bug in “attp_build_value_cmd”.

Official announcement: Please refer to the link for details

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