14th Aug 2018 – Intel side-channel L1TF vulnerability

An official announcement state that there are three more data-leakage security holes found in Intel chips:

  • CVE-2018-3615 – L1 Terminal Fault: SGX
  • CVE-2018-3620 – L1 Terminal Fault: OS/SMM
  • CVE-2018-3646 – L1 Terminal Fault: VMM

Across the board, Intel’s desktop, workstation, and server CPUs are vulnerable.

Official announcement shown as below:


Reminder: I am using window 7 instead of windows 10. In retrospect, I did patch management which focus for spectre on Jan 2018. It behind my seen that CPU vulnerability still valid on my PC. The cache-misses as compared to missed-branches data collected from Spectre is possible on my PC (see attached screen-shot for reference). So I believe that this flaw (L1TF) substained. Furthermore the vendor known earlier. May be the vendor believe that this is the appropriate timeframe to announce.

Below historical record for reference:

CPU vulnerability remediation status update – especially Spectre