CPU vulnerability remediation status update – especially Spectre

Intel has a quartet of lawsuits vying for the attention of its lawyers. Heard that AMD might have lawsuits. However so called install the remediation CPU patch looks amazed the windows OS user. I am using window 7 instead of windows 10. Perhaps I just did the windows update this morning. It behind my seen that CPU vulnerability still valid on my PC. The cache-misses as compared to missed-branches data collected from Spectre is possible on my PC (see attached screen-shot for reference). As far as I know, spectre vulnerability not easy to mitigate. Did you aware of your IT appliances (WAN accelerator, IDS, firewall, malware detector and SIEM system. Those devices did not install updated CPU unit. It looks there will be more difficulties to mitigate the CPU design flaw. Friendly speaking, do you want to know how does hacker exploit this flaw for their benefits? Time will tell.

For more details about AMD Gets Hit With Two Class Action Lawsuits For Spectre Vulnerabilities, Intel Hit With Four For Meltdown & Spectre. Please refer to below url for reference.