It will jeopardizing 400,000 Linux system in the world – Exim Releases Security Patches (alert issued in Jun 2019)

Preface: Exim is growing in popularity because it is open source.

Background:It’s the default mail transport agent installed on some Linux systems.It contain feature likes:
Lookups in LDAP servers, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and NIS or NIS+ services.

Vulnerability details: The vulnerability was patched in Exim 4.92, released on February 10, 2019. The vulnerable code is in “deliver_message()”. A vulnerability exists because the email address in the deliver_message() function in /src/deliver.c is not fully validated. So local attackers simply send emails to “${run{…}}@localhost”. Since “localhost” is a local domain of Exim) and execute as root (system privileges).

Remark: Deliver_drop_privilege is set to false by default.

Attack synopsis: If the “verify = recipient” ACL is manually deleted then remote attack will be occurred. Attacker can reuse our local-exploitation method with an RCPT TO “xxx+${run{…}} @ localhostā€. Where “xxx” is the name of the local user .

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