Intel CPU design hiccups – CVE-2017-5753,CVE-2017-5715,CVE-2017-5754

Below details better than what I say thousand of words.
Current status update in regards to CPU (Intel) design limitations.


  • AMD proud of it, they did not made this mistake! Seems it is a long run in development,It is hard to tell this moment. Stay tuned. Good luck to him!






It looks strange that similar vulnerability found on Aug 2017. I remember that my article posted here mentioned before (see below url for reference). In the meantime, I personally agree with Intel announcement that  based on the CPU features to date, many types of computing devices  with many different vendors’ processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. And therefore Intel might not the only victim.

The enemy of ASLR (Address space layout randomization) – memory leak

Any other vendors especially virtual machine OS, they do not confirm yet and inform that they are not involve in this CPU design limitation vulnerability?

The cache side channel attack of this security incident on Intel side looks compatible to other chips vendor. The worst scenario is that similar channel attack will be happened once you have cache. So, foreseen that this is the prelude of new form of attack in this year!

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