Did you have trouble accessing internet on Sat (8th Jun 2019 GMT+8)

Synopsis: The users were temporarily unable to reach adjacent countries internet web sites for short period of time (less than 1 – 3 minutes) due to an issue of Internet BGP backbone.

Description: On Sat, I was surprise that some internet web site looks unstable. It is not only happens on a single web site.

What do you think about or do you aware?
There are likely to be similar problems that you can find below:

  1. The ABC ISP (AS __xx) configured a static route pointing to null in order to block Facebook access for ABC ISP customers. However, the ISP started to announce the prefix towards its upstream provider CDEF (AS xxxx) that propagated the announcement to its peers. Meanwhile Facebook (AS32934) that had been announcing prefix so far, started to fight back. Facebook began to announce more specific prefix They kept announcing, however the service would still not be available for a large part of Facebook users. Those were the users whose traffic took a path towards ABC ISP (AS__xx), thus it could not reach Facebook. The traffic was being backhauled by a static route configured on ABC (AS__xx) edge router.
  2. Bogus AS Path