About recent data breaches – Every CEO might say cyber security.

Data leakage accident as of December 2018. It provides a message to the world. Even though you installed antivirus, malware detector and Firewall. The hacker still have ways to evade. In a nutshell, technology world is fighting with evils. But it make the senior management team especially CEO headache. So who can help?

CA insider Threat Report findings:

A majority of 53% confirmed insider attacks against their organization in the previous 12 months (typically less than five attacks). Twenty-seven percent of organizations say insider attacks have become more frequent.

US Homeland security recommendations:

  1. Elevate cybersecurity risk management discussions to the company CEO and the leadership team.
  2. Implement industry standards and best practices rather than relying solely on compliance standards or certifications.
  3. Evaluate and manage organization-specific cybersecurity risks.
  4. Ensure cybersecurity risk metrics are meaningful and measurable.
  5. Develop and exercise cybersecurity plans and procedures for incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
  6. Retain a quality workforce.
  7. Maintain situational awareness of cybersecurity threats.

Mr.CEO, what do you think?