Not similar October revolution. Who maintain bitcoins fundamental concept?



Bitcoins concept: The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.

About status of Bitcoins today

Bitcoins change its original shape by financial investors. Perhaps there is no surprise that currencies are hard to avoid people re-engineering the structure. Sharing the and enjoys the benefits on arbitrage actions. This is the a priority ring in economic finance system. As of today, China is the pioneer to terminate the crypto currencies go to their country economic system. Perhaps China is not the 1st country to terminate the operation of crypto-currency. But their effective action avoid their assets run out of the countries (see below URL for reference). We known that Engima crypto currencies platform announced on September this year (2017). It looks that it interrupted the objective of the original definition. A so called Peer-to-Peer and Trustless Hedge Fund Platform.


For more details of (Enigma (Catalyst)), refer to below url:

Enigma (Catalyst) – Risk investment techniques embedded inherent Risk technology

Article: Cryptocurrency market cap rebounding (see below url for reference)

Market Saturation causes financial sector go to another way to survivals

A former slogan of United Stated of America is that make your dream come true. Even though US government the annual expenditures are in huge volume. I believed that they keen to develop other way to managed their debt. During the Clinton years the Dow raced out ahead of the national debt, but it looks worst during 2017 (see below). Not in conspiracy talk, the possible way is find other channel to get rid of existing situation. Since US government was rejected crypto currencies in their area in past. However if the demand is on the way. It is harmless to defines regulations to governance and custodian. On the other hand it might find another way to remediation the exiting debt. At least crypto exchange need to pay for the taxes. And crypto currencies are able to centralize by American again. It is a win win situation.

Crypto platform and market status nowadays

From technical point of view instead of cyber security. The existing crypto currencies platform sounds like you visiting casino. There are many tables provides gambling entertainment to you but the only objective is the money. This is my objective in regards to the subject matter. Who maintain bitcoins fundamental concept? My last comment is that do you think this is the appropriate timing to make your money go to the market?

Reference:  Hedge funds re-engineering to crypto currency platform. For more details, please refer below:

Enigma (Catalyst) – Risk investment techniques embedded inherent Risk technology