Do we really need cryptocurrency or bitcoin?

Preface: A new survey out of China shows surging interest in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency, with many keen to invest in crypto in the future – said Forbes News.

Synopsis: The behaviour of human relies on banknotes perhaps will be replaced by another style of method substitution soon. It is hard to say that bitcoin is the substitution. But the new generation of technologies can tell. Retrospectively at the decades after the Second World War. The industrial civilization on Earth driven economic growth. Whereby it create a motivation power to payment industry. For instance Telex and SWIFT payment system. As a matter of fact, we have to admit that electronic payment become a the trend in future. As a matter of fact cryptocurrency or blockchain technology is on the way integrate to modern business world.

Prediction: On Feb 2019, JPMorgan became the first major United States bank to introduce its own digital token for real-world use (see below url).
Besides, the initiatives of smart city construction around the world. And believe that old fashion of payment concept and architecture should be replaced!