VE-2023-6780: Do not contempt his power! (1st Feb 2024)

Preface: The GNU C Library – The project provides the core libraries for the GNU system and GNU/Linux systems. GLib is a platform library which is used by many hundreds of projects outside of GNOME.

Background: R is a language and environment for statistical programming which includes statistical computing and graphics. Python is a general-purpose programming language for data analysis and scientific computing. It is essential to know programming languages like R and Python in order to implement the whole Machine Learning process. Python and R both provide in-built libraries that make it very easy to implement Machine Learning algorithms.

What is glibc in Python? glibc provides a complete implementation of the ISO C standard library, which includes functions for file I/O, string manipulation, memory allocation, and more. This makes it easy for us to write portable and efficient code that can run on different systems.

Vulnerability details: An integer overflow was found in the __vsyslog_internal function of the glibc library. This function is called by the syslog and vsyslog functions. This issue occurs when these functions are called with a very long message, leading to an incorrect calculation of the buffer size to store the message, resulting in undefined behavior. This issue affects glibc 2.37 and newer.

Official details: Please refer to the link for details –

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