Your first quantum programming (24th Mar 2023)

Preface: How much does a 1 qubit quantum computer cost? Commercial quantum computers like D-Wave One with 50 qubits – $10,000,000. D-Wave systems use a process called quantum annealing to search for solutions to a problem.

Background: The Microsoft Quantum Development Kit offers durable quantum application development on hardware-accelerated compute resources. Program your quantum algorithms and formulate optimization solutions to cope with your AI development. Perhaps this is a prelude before the development of a scalable quantum computer in the future. Quantum computers have great potential to process the large datasets often used in AI experiments. By using quantum computing techniques to analyze data sets faster and more accurately than ever before, AI researchers have been able to make significant advances in fields such as machine learning.
Because quantum computers are fundamentally different from classical computers, conventional techniques used to communicate electronic information do not directly translate to quantum devices.

Learn quantum programming (Q# programming language) with Microsoft QUANTUM Development KIT. It can use simulation. API for quantum computing simulation using the .NET ecosystem and Python.

Quantum Development Kit (SDK) contains below basic components

  • The Q# programming language (pronounced like Q-Sharp)
    Remark: The Q# development tools are based on the Microsoft.NET ecosystem. Therefore, need to install the correct version of the .NET Software Development Kit (so called .NET SDK)
  • API for quantum computing simulation using the .NET ecosystem and.or Python
  • Tools to help you develop and simulate your quantum programs using commas-line tools, Visual Studio Code, or Microsoft Visual Studio

Please refer to this link for details-

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