Bank ATM Framework QUICK TOUR

Believe that ATM scammer or criminal activities will be signigicant dropped after ATM thief are under sentence. It looks that I am overlook the attraction of bank note since a new jackpotting malware is under development. I surprise to me that the malware originate country is in Hong Kong. We known that bank of China did the system update (perhaps including ATM machine) during easter Hoilday. The ATM infrastructure looks prefect under the custodiance of Hong Kong monetary authority. However there are system design bugs and limiations on both hardware and software so it lure the hacker interest. It bring misunderstanding of ATM technology to the IT people so far, ATM archiecture is old fashion. But the truth is that ATM system architecture has been line up with Microsoft client-server architecture for financial applications on the Microsoft Windows platform in last decade. Threat actors can appear all around the world. The highlight of this news incidentally let the world know that Hong Kong is also a technology development zone. It is not only limit to business financial area.

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