Sometimes RESTful API jeopardize your personal data privacy

Ticketmaster Hacked! The company sold 500 million tickets to 86 million people last year. It is important for you to select the best API to create chatbot. Common way call a RESTful API from your Chatbot. What makes RESTful APIs even more attractive is that the same REST API could potentially be used both by a web application, as well as other clients such as a mobile application. But RESTful API require hardening. Otherwise it is not in secure way.

Common REST API security risk (see below):

  • unencrypted payload
  • Lack of input  sanitisaton

And therefore payments or approvals process must put into a secure place which is usually not the client app.

Should you have interest of the Ticketmaster data breach incident, please refer below url for reference.

Ticketmaster admits personal data stolen in hack attack

30thJune2018 – status update (Inbenta and the Ticketmaster Data Breach FAQ’s – official announcement)