Archaeologist & Artificial intelligence – 14th Jun 2020

Preface: The traditional workforce faces the challenge of automation.

Myth and Science: Archeologist don’t understand why Pyramids of Giza directions to Orion’s belt in the sky.
Archeologist do not understand why Pyramids of Giza directions to Orion’s belt in the sky. So far, it has quite a lot of assumptions. The Myth mentioned that it let Pharaoh return to Orion. On the other hand, scientist found two different chemical inside pyramid ventilation shaft. When both chemical mixed, it will generate hydrogen. Thus make hydrogen atoms get energy, and then generate microwave energy beam.

The premise of science is the assumption:
Refer to attached diagram, I assumed technology structure especially smart city, industrial automation, cryptocurrency are the major elements driven artificial intelligence. Then put those elements to pyramid. Authority and decision-making power (Artificial Intelligence) are concentrated at the top of an organizational pyramid. When AI technology become mature. Do you think AI also want to communicate with Orion. Or, it could spell the end of the human race.

Perhaps we all know the disadvantage of artificial intelligence, but we cannot stop. This is the destiny of mankind.

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