SAP security Patch Day – 11th Sep 2018

Nowadays, the trend of business industries are bring their application on top of Cloud services. But some of the firm has reluctant to cloud because they are concerning about data breaches, data ownership and different areas of law regulations. As a matter of fact, doing the cyber security protection on your own or without managed sercurity services looks not in the right direction. As a result , there are more project development priority to select cloud services application platform. The hottest one is the SAP.

Vendor SAP do the vulnerability managment looks fine since they are the market leader. As we know, the security patch day announced on 11th September 2018. Yes, it is above one week ago. I observe this round of patch management have 2 items awaken company CSO thinking. Even the medium piority of vulnerability items also contain potential risk. For instance CVE-2018-2454,CVE-2018-2455 and CVE-2018-2461. The first and second CVE issues (CVE-2018-2454 & CVE-2018-2455 )are lack of authorization check. In the sense that this type of indirect privileges escalation causes by insider threats. So a careless user will be jeopardize or compromised the system.The last one (CVE-2018-2461) indicate the vulnerability happend in SAP HCM. The SAP Fiori app suite for HCM makes use of SAP’s new UX strategy to help your employees, irrespective of any level, to trigger different HR needs, such as paid leave application, viewing of pay stubs. The vulnerability belongs to data privacy is also lack of authorization check. So medium severity of vulnerability sometimes will also be dangerous. Should you have interest to know more, please refer to below url.

SAP Security Patch Day – September 2018