Oil refinery industry security alert! CVE-2018-4841

We heard in frequent that threat actors will be engaged APT attack to hostile country. The more percentage of cyber attack to the important public facilities most likely is the nuclear power facilities and power generator. As we know, a harden procedure has been built by nuclear power facilitates company. In order to avoid the unforeseen cyber incident happens, internet access function is prohibited in that area. However working with SCADA technologies market coverage not limit to nuclear power facilities. The oil refinery industry, natural gas and water supply facilities are relies on SCADA system. Today, a security alert is going to awake oil refinery, gas and water supply industries. Since a announcement by SCADA hardware manufacture Siemens, they inform that their product encountered vulnerability. The manufacture provides the workaround. However, the workaround only suggest to setup a preventive control.  To be honest, may be there are more spaces to do the remediation! Should you aware of this vulnerability. please refer below vendor announcement for reference.