Juniper JunOS – The giant is sick! April 2018

Kernel crash upon receipt of crafted CLNP packets (CVE-2018-0016)

Denial-of-service vulnerability in flowd daemon on devices configured with NAT-PT (CVE-2018-0017)

Crafted packet may lead to information disclosure and firewall rule bypass during compilation of IDP policies (CVE-2018-0018)

Denial-of-service vulnerability in SNMP MIB-II subagent daemon (mib2d) (CVE-2018-0019)

rpd daemon cores due to malformed BGP UPDATE packet (CVE-2018-0020)

Eclipse Jetty information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2015-2080)

Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat (ROBOT) RSA SSL attack (CVE-2017-1000385)

Multiple vulnerabilities resolved in OpenSSL

Multiple vulnerabilities in stunnel 5.38


Multiple vulnerabilities resolved in CentOS 6.5-based 2012.2R12 release


Short MacSec keys may allow man-in-the-middle attacks

Mbuf leak due to processing MPLS packets in VPLS networks (CVE-2018-0022)

world writeable default configuration file permission (CVE-2018-0023)