CVE-2024-2612: Self referencing object could have potentially led to a use-after-free (20-03-2024)

Preface: If you want the best internet browser that puts security first, not data collection, then Firefox is your best bet.

Background: Smart pointers are C++ objects that not only store a pointer to a dynamically allocated resource but also manage the lifetime cycle of that resource, ensuring it is properly deallocated when no longer needed or when it is out of scope. It helps prevent memory leaks.

The Firefox browser is a collection of C++ libraries designed to be assembled into any number of applications that you can run on machines with any of the major desktop operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux, etc.).

Vulnerability details: If an attacker could find a way to trigger a particular code path in `SafeRefPtr`, it could have triggered a crash or potentially be leveraged to achieve code execution. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 124, Firefox ESR < 115.9, and Thunderbird < 115.9.

Official announcement: Please see the link below for details.

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