CVE-2023-41361: FRRouting 9.0 encountered buffer overflow (29th Aug 2023)

Preface: OSPF is used to determine the fastest route, while BGP focuses on determining the best path.

Background: Network architects using FRR for ISPs, SaaS infrastructure, web 2.0 businesses, hyperscale services, and Fortune 500 private clouds. If you look around, the traditional networking equipment vendors also offer software appliances, because now it’s a tiny stackable virtual machine world.

FRRouting (FRR) is a free and open source Internet routing protocol suite for Linux and Unix platforms.

The worker nodes are responsible for running the containers and doing any work assigned to them by the master node.

Ref: Calico is a networking and security solution that enables Kubernetes workloads and non-Kubernetes/legacy workloads to communicate seamlessly and securely.

Vulnerability details: An issue was discovered in FRRouting FRR 9.0. bgpd/bgp_open[.]c does not check for an overly large length of the rcv software version.

Official details: For details, please refer to the link –

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