CVE-2021-23134 : Linux – the implementation of nfc sockets contains flaw ! (12th May 2021)

Preface: Near field communication (NFC) technology lets smartphones and other enabled devices communicate with other devices containing a NFC tag.

Vulnerability details: Use After Free vulnerability in nfc sockets in the Linux Kernel before 5.12.2 allows local attackers to elevate their privileges. In typical configurations, the issue can only be triggered by a privileged local user with the CAP_NET_RAW capability. This flaw is rated as having a Moderate impact because in the default configuration, the issue can only be triggered by a privileged local user (with capability CAP_NET_RAW).
What if Creating raw socket in Python without root privileges?


Activating the SUID bit for the file with a command like chmod +s file and set its owner to root with chown root.root file.
This will run your script as root, regardless of the effective user that executed it.

Setting the CAP_NET_RAW capability on the given file with a command like setcap cap_net_raw+ep file.
This will give it only the privileges required to open a raw socket

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