CVE-2020-4829 – AIX owner should be staying alert! (14th Dec 2020)

Preface: When I was young, there were two giants in the mid-range system market. They are IBM and Sun Micro. Over the time, IBM won this market. To this day, the business world likes to use IBM AIX OS the most.

Background: About twenty years ago, a well known buffer overflow vulnerabilities discovered in Kerberos 5 due to buffer overflows in the Kerberos 4 compatibility code. As a result, it impacting the MIT Kerberos 5 releases (1.0.x, 1.1 and 1.1.1) and MIT Kerberos 4 patch level 10.
According to IBM AIX 7.2 security guidebook. It described that when Kerberos authentication is successful. The secldapclntd daemon saves the bind credentials to the [/]etc[/]security[/]ldap[/]krb5cc_secldapclntd directory. Whereby, it shown that AIX 7.2 is using Kerberos 5. Since CVE-2020-4829 not explicitly describe the vulnerability details. Perhaps it let me speculated that the vulnerability announced this month has relationship between flaw found 20 years ago.

Reminder: This bug looks critical in my personal opinion. It is recommended to patch immediately.

Official announcement:

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