CVE-2018-20720 Published: 2019-01-15: Terminal Reboot vulnerability in Relion 630 series version 1.3 and earlier release

Preface: IEC 61850 is an international standard defining communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations. Relion products have been designed to implement IEC 61850 standard.

Vulnerability has been recorded to National Vulnerability Database – 15th Jan 2019:
ABB Relion 630 series allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (reboot) via a reboot command in an SPA message.
Ref: SP command is used to setup the SPA-bus interface, UN command is used to program the unit list, ..

Vendor reference:

Remark: The atmosphere shown that in industrial world especially energy, gas, water supply facilities will be the attacked target by APT group once political issue occurs in between different countries. The Natural-gas processing plant and Oil refining facility relies on SCADA system. The cyber security alert awaken the business owner and management group last year. They are now have better understanding of patch management and cyber security awareness.