Aug 2018 – (CVE-2018-12539) – Eclipse OpenJ9 Vulnerabilities

The software expert keen to reduce memory footprint and improve their application performance.Java code can run on different systems, because it relies on the JVM, not on the operational system itself. This is the powerful function of Java plus JVM. Meanwhile, it let’s Java application developers and end users spreading around in the world. The virtual machine creates an independent platform on top of the operating system. Similar the situation of Docker in today’s cloud computing.The JVM is a “simulated machine” that can be installed on different systems.  Furthermore, if vulnerability occurs in JVM. It will jeopardizing the related system facilities since the application run on top of JVM.

CVE-2018-12539 – In Eclipse OpenJ9 version 0.8, users other than the process owner may be able to use Java Attach API to connect to an Eclipse OpenJ9 or IBM JVM on the same machine and use Attach API operations, which includes the ability to execute untrusted native code.

Remediation – Attach API is enabled by default on Windows, Linux and AIX JVMs and can be disabled using the command line option –

ABout the details CVE-2018-12539 :

Additional CVE-2018-12537: