About CVE-2023-21633: This time not my flaw, said Android (11th July 2023)

Preface: Android Ril The RIL part of Android is mainly divided into two parts: RILJ and RILC. RILJ runs in the java part of framework->telephony, and RILC runs in the native part of the HAL layer.

Background: The AP side of different manufacturers of the Android platform can be the same, but the Modem side will definitely be very different. One problem that the RIL layer needs to solve is to adapt to the Modem of different manufacturers. In order to meet the compatibility requirements, Android builds a In the framework of RILC, different Modem manufacturers connect their own protocols to the AP side. For the Qualcomm platform, his RILC is QCRIL.

Vulnerability details: Memory Corruption in Linux while processing QcRilRequestImsRegisterMultiIdentityMessage request.

Official announcement: For details, please refer to the link – https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2023-21633

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