Tax heaven is also a hacker playground – Bermuda

Perhaps the legal firm Mossack Fonseca data breaches incident is a history. However headline news reveal another similar case which was happened on November last year.I was shock that Mossack Fonseca encountered data breach which astonish the world since Tycoon and famous people like President of Russia Putin virama was included in their customer list.  A slogan told that a Tax heaven is also a hacker playground. It looks that legal firm only know how to use law regulations to protect their client. On the other hand, former cyber security incident shown that they are ignore the technology risks. In the meantime, we receive the news on newspaper that a cyber attack encountered on their database November last year (2016). But sounds like another important factor might bring to their attentions. For instance, it is easy to find the lawyer public email address because of their business operation model. Such business running model let hacker easy to obtained the email address. A easy way to make use of email phishing techniques let receiver become a victim. Hacker will receive the credential after compromised the email account. As a result, it is easy to drawout the data. About the detail, please refer below url for reference. 

Another story of offshore law firm data leakage. The firm encountered cyber attack on Nov 2016.
The information released the news this month.

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