Off-color humor – Cathay Pacific hack (9.4 million airline passengers data stolen by data thief)

Asia world seems feel shot of the Cathay Pacific Airline cyber security incident. To be honest, it is hard to avoid computer vulnerabilities occurs in business circumstances today. Why? It is a demanding environment includes comprehensive competition. Business man try a way to find out the cost efficiency solution. Meanwhile, it unintended to push a indirect task force to the technology domain. What is it? A short system and software design development cycle. Perhaps the developers cannot stop laughing when they read the text book mention about Maturity Models for Information Systems.
People did not have awareness of personal data privacy last decade. May be the junk email and phone call awake their awareness.
In my personal point of view, data privacy is more important of the rich people especially celebrity and politicians. Oh! yes, they are the frequent travelers.
Attached diagram is my imagination regarding to this incident. Yes, this is only my speculation since nobody know what is happened last few months, right?

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