Black Friday was happened in New Orleans on 13th Dec 2019

Preface: Once upon a time, without internet. The Black Friday virus through floppy disk infected to your MS-DOS and make a trouble to your personal computer.

Background: New Orleans declared a state of emergency and shut down its computers after a cyber security event. During a press conference on 14th Dec 2019, Mayor Cantrell confirmed that this was a ransomware attack.

Security expert findings: Based on files uploaded to the VirusTotal scanning service, the ransomware attack on the City of New Orleans was likely done by the Ryuk Ransomware threat actors, said cyber security expert.

Personal comment: Ransomware looks horrible! Are you interested in how national supercomputers can defend against cyber attacks, especially ransomware? Have you heard about docker and container technology? May be we do a discussion in coming future.

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