RTOS(real-time operating system) is under attack. Do you think it is the 2nd round of test?

The terms IoT (Internet of things) looks a messed transformation of specifics definition. The suitable criteria to define a IoT component is that for a device demand data be processed without buffering delays. If you have habits read technology post daily. We known that IT security vendor (checkpoint) alert the world that a new IoT botneck is going to jeopardizing the world. Since the case is under their investigation. My personal opinion is that the specifics attacks focus on RTOS(real-time operating system). For instance, web cam, router, smart city facilities. I strongly believed that Microsoft not the major target. Since RTOS devices has large coverage on simplified linux base OS platform.  Keep your eye open, you might seen the result of reaper IoT attack relies on shellshock vulnerabilities and bruteforce attacks.In additional, if the device found vulnerabilities on the kernel. The malicious code will relies on it. Below url can provides the details to you in this regard. Perhaps we have more and more electronic computing devices supporting to our life daily. The hostile country engage the attack to suspend the daily operations of the enemy looks better than a bomb or military threatening.


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