Understand New implemented China Cyber Law – 2019

Aim to security:
The new regulations on China’s Cybersecurity Law on November 2018 grant China cyber security agencies (the legal authority) to conduct remote testing of any Internet-related business operating in China.
Their authority is possible to copy and share any data that government officials find on the system being inspected.

MPS (The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) ) is able to execute the following authorities:

  1. Conduct on-site or remote inspection of network security defenses taken by companies operating in China.
  2. Check for prohibited content in China.
  3. Record the safety response plan during the on-site inspection.
  4. Copy any user information found on the system being inspected during a live or remote inspection.
  5. Perform a penetration test to check for vulnerabilities.
  6. Perform a remote check without notifying the company.
  7. Share any collected data with other state agencies.
  8. During the on-site inspection, two members of the PAP (Chinese People’s Armed Police Force) had the right to enforce the procedure.


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