CVE-2018-3561 – Is this a hiccups or it will maintain longer?

Retrospectively, the annual revenue growth of smartphone chips vendor on 2017 Q3. Samsung is the winner.Qualcomm growth only 23% but apple only growth of 12%. From my personal point of view, even though operating system or vulnerability on iPhone looks mystery. Perhaps it is a business strategy in order to avoid competitor know the details. By the way, Qualcomm techincal design limitation lure my interest. Regarding to the CVE 2017-15834 it proof that there is a vulnerability occur in kernel let it encountered potential heap overflow. But this bug found last year, however I believe that it will continous expose something bad until MDM9615 and MDM9x07 end of life.The MDM9615 appears to be a Qualcomm chip. But apple iPad deployed it. Android phone is the biggest comsumer of MDM9615 and MDM9x07 so far. A new vulnerability identify by US-CERT on Mar 2018 with vulnerability record reference no. CVE-2018-3561.The issue is that Android for MSM, Firefox OS for MSM, QRD Android, with all Android releases from CAF using the Linux kernel, a race condition in diag_ioctl_lsm_deinit() leads to a Use After Free condition. Stay alert and update your Android phone once patch for security update available.